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  1. No, not Varied Thrush nor Eastern Meadowlark. The bird didn’t have any bright color (that I saw) like orange or yellow
  2. No, didn't have a crest like the Bulbul. While searching online I found this pic of a partial albino flicker. My bird didn't look like this either - it still had the black necklace & wasn't yellow. But it made me wonder if there were other color mutations?
  3. Thanks all for your help. I looked at the Eurasian-collared Dove. Very similar except the necklace location is wrong - it was under the “chin” like a flicker. The bird we saw was not blue.
  4. Sorry, no picture. In early October I saw a bird in N New York, Lake Ontario/St Lawrence area that looked like a northern flicker in size & color. It had a black “necklace” but the belly was solid colored - no spots. The bird was on the ground. It was a distance away but the spots on a flicker seem so distinct that it seems that I should have seen them. I’ve researched & don’t see another bird with a “necklace” that lives in this area. Any ideas? Thanks, Kathy
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