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  1. Check this compared to immature Chipping Sparrow, the pink legs and small bill, combined with lack of yellow or streaks on the face lead to chipping sparrow. The fleshy bill is evident meaning its a first year bird
  2. Its a kingbird species, date and location will significantly help in ID
  3. Thats likely because its a female or young bird. Almost behaving like a youngster looking for food/parents
  4. Definitely a Baltimore oriole, female or young bird. The bird in the last pic on the right looks to be a brown thrash or thrush species
  5. This is a blue grosbeak. Notice the rusty colored wing bars. Looks like a first year male but I dont have a lot of experience with them
  6. dag nabbit - fast clicked too fast for the ID of the Kestrel!
  7. Pics 1 and 2 are indeed osprey Pics 3 and 4 are peregrine falcon!
  8. This is a female hairy woodpecker, the bill is too long to be a downy
  9. This is a female downy woodpecker based on the barring on the back, short bill and lack of red on the back of the head Sniped! I should have known I wouldn't be the firstšŸ¤£
  10. This sounds like it could be a female rose-breasted grosbeak. I have seen them eating oranges at our feeders.
  11. I don't have access to the (pretty terrible) pics other than my ebird list (below). First male golden-wing we have ever seen, is this pure or does it appear to be a back-cross hybrid? There was some slight yellow on the breast which most books do not sure for pure golden-wing. Note that the bird had no tail. It sang the traditional golden-wing song twice. https://ebird.org/atlasny/checklist/S69133017
  12. Not brilliant white but the rest fits - ruby crowned kinglet?
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