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  1. sounds like a cuckoo - appropriately named! Both yellow-billed and black-billed could be in your area. They are tall and slender, and a distinctive ID trait is their long, barred tail. If you see the bird again, pay attention to the color of the bill. All black means black-billed. If the bottom is yellow, yellow-billed! Also look up their calls on the Cornell site, that may help you tell which species you heard/saw
  2. Your correct, female house finch. Possibly immature
  3. Location and date would really help but it appears to be a female house finch
  4. Look into cormorants, species would depend on your location. I regularly see double crested cormorants flying in the way you describe
  5. No worries, I saw your other posts so assumed where it was taken. Still a yellow billed cuckoo!
  6. Yellow billed cuckoo - it would help to know where and when you saw this bird.
  7. Northern Cardinal for sure, either a young male or molting adult male.
  8. Agreed - your Moderator is wrong. The bill is too short for red-breasted (or common), there is no coloration difference between the head and neck (like in red-breasted) and the overall shape of the bird makes this a hooded merganser.
  9. Your correct, black skimmers. Awesome bird
  10. This is a song sparrow. A lincoln's would have a lite buffy color to the breast and the streaks would be much finer.
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