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  1. I think Common Merganser, which is a type of duck.
  2. The only thing I can think of is leucistic common grackle.
  3. Agree with Lesser Scaup, at least the female like you mentioned based on the peak on the head. Yes, Yellowlegs, and I vote for Greater based on bill size.
  4. I say keep 'em comin'. These puns are treerific.
  5. Nassau, Bahamas was where I saw my one and only Gray Kingbird.
  6. I agree with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Though I don't have experience with the other Gnatcatchers, looks like all the Blue-gray I've seen. I think the white outer tail feathers are a good clue.
  7. I think so based on size, rounded head, and cute, stubby bills. Where in Michigan?
  8. I'd say this is either a female or immature (or both) because of no red on breast and flanks.
  9. These are all just guesses to bump this up: 1. Song Sparrow 2. Yellowlegs sp. 3. Lesser Yellowlegs 4. Sora 5. Thrush sp. 6. Same as 1
  10. Date would be good. 1. Thrush, not sure which type 2. Wren, maybe House? Mostly just replying to bump this to the top.
  11. Potential retroactive life birds here. I was going through some old vacation photos, before I started keeping my life list and before I tried to get good pics of the birds. Are all these Western Gulls? 1. - 5. Near Sea World, by the charter fishing and whale watching docks. 6. In La Jolla 7. - 8. San Diego Bay, bait barges Bonus: Any idea what these are? A couple miles out during whale watching. Surfbirds?
  12. We had a Spotted Redshank in Michigan in November, possibly brought over by the same weather system that brought the Gray Heron in Newfoundland.
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