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  1. These are all just guesses to bump this up: 1. Song Sparrow 2. Yellowlegs sp. 3. Lesser Yellowlegs 4. Sora 5. Thrush sp. 6. Same as 1
  2. Date would be good. 1. Thrush, not sure which type 2. Wren, maybe House? Mostly just replying to bump this to the top.
  3. Potential retroactive life birds here. I was going through some old vacation photos, before I started keeping my life list and before I tried to get good pics of the birds. Are all these Western Gulls? 1. - 5. Near Sea World, by the charter fishing and whale watching docks. 6. In La Jolla 7. - 8. San Diego Bay, bait barges Bonus: Any idea what these are? A couple miles out during whale watching. Surfbirds?
  4. We had a Spotted Redshank in Michigan in November, possibly brought over by the same weather system that brought the Gray Heron in Newfoundland.
  5. Thanks. Told him I was leaning Sharpie (small, rounded head, dainty legs and feet, etc.) Would tail length or GISS (more compact-looking) be other supporting identifiers?
  6. Recently in Southeast Michigan. Not my photos or sighting. Photos by Kevin Murphy.
  7. Welcome to Whatbird! Where and when was this taken? Strikes me as a Cooper's.
  8. Looks like a question for @Pigeon! Welcome to Whatbird!
  9. 2/16/2019 near Universal Studios Orlando. I'm leaning toward male Mallard X Mottled and female pure Mottled.
  10. Yes. 1st pic you can see the tail patter with dark inner and white outer feathers. 2nd pic is good for Dark-eyed Junco, with white on bottom, and probably female with the amount of brown above.
  11. Agree with Brewer's Blackbird for the last bird because of beak shape and lack of copper/bronze iridescence in wings.
  12. I agree with Red-shouldered with that underwing and tail pattern, among other things.
  13. I am not an expert, but it was the only thing I could come up with. There's a Facebook group called North American Gulls with a lot of really good gull ID'ers.
  14. Maybe Glaucous-winged? 2nd Winter? Do you have an uncropped photo showing the whole bird in the right of the frame? Is that a Herring?
  15. Looks like a juvenile with that bit of gape showing. I'm guessing Song based on thickness of streaking. Do you have any other photos from same time frame with an adult?
  16. 12/19/2018, Pointe Mouillee, Michigan. I think Trumpeters, but tough angle.
  17. Just taking a guess because I don’t know but want to see if I’m right. Vesper Sparrow? Because of red shoulder?
  18. Yes, Northern Mockingbird. We've had some the past few Winters in Southeast Michigan.
  19. I have no experience with any of them, but this sure looks like a Ruffed Grouse based on plumage alone. Lacking some tail feathers?
  20. This is a House Finch. I've seen similar very bright red ones where the red bleeds further than average. If this were a Purple Finch, the hue would be more rosy and we would see it in the wings.
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