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  1. I am far from a gull expert, but I like taking guesses. Based on the heft of the bill and pink of the feet, I'd say Herring.
  2. Could also be a non-breeding male, if I'm not mistaken?
  3. I'm not an expert, but it does seem like a fluffed-up, adult male Pine Warbler to me.
  4. I've personally had more Red-breasted Nuthatches this year 2018 in Southeast Michigan than I have combined previously in my short history of bird watching.
  5. I want to say it's partly Common Goldeneye with that bill pattern.
  6. I would vote Cooper's based on that big, blocky head and not-too-dainty legs and toes, but am curious what others think.
  7. Thanks...I was thinking of that when looking at these pics. Would be a retro-lifer...anyone else want to confirm? Or dissent, I guess? @Tony Leukering?
  8. I love it when the leucism doesn't seem random...like in this case, the wings seem like they're supposed to be white. Beautiful bird.
  9. Was going through some vacation photos from last year and found a few photos I'm not sure of. There were some teal in Jackson, WY and I know some (most) of them were Green-winged, but this one had a larger bill. Also looks like there might be some damage near base of bill. Please advise. This was 8/29/2017, Jackson, WY.
  10. Is this a Chipping Sparrow? A few days ago in Southeast Michigan. I have a few more pics but this is the best.
  11. Thanks! I was feeling pretty good about it - in the field and reviewing pics. But I didn’t want to get my hopes too high. Lifer!
  12. Last week in Southeast Michigan. What do you think? How about this other bird that swam next to it for a bit?
  13. Strikes me as an Indigo Bunting, but wait for experts.
  14. Today, 11/7/2018, in Dearborn, MI. Please advise. Thanks for looking. I got the Spotted Redshank in Michigan yesterday.
  15. eBird will have no choice with those photos. Fabulous shots of a Blackpoll!!!
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