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  1. My first thought was Eared Grebe, but I've never seen one, so wasn't sure.
  2. I am not an expert, but I am guessing this gull is almost done transitioning to breeding plumage. They have black bills in non-breeding plumage. Bill size is good as well as mantle shade.
  3. No sure where this was, but I'd say Orange-crowned with the yellow untertail coverts.
  4. Not 100% sure, but I would tentatively guess Blackpoll. Wing bars, light legs and feet, dark eye line with light broken eye ring.
  5. I think Least Sandpiper, but definitely wait for someone else.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird! A Warbler would have a thinner bill. I'm thinking some type of bunting. Maybe Lazuli? See what the experts think. edit...or Indigo?
  7. I'm going to guess Orange-crowned based on your ID points. Let's see what others say.
  8. Agree with Yellow-rumped Warbler and Brown-headed Cowbird.
  9. Purple Finch was also one of my nemeses until this Fall. Have recently seen a handful in Southeast Michigan, different locations.
  10. Just FYI, 65 CM = 25.6 IN. Think we have a unit of measure issue here.
  11. Welcome to Whatbird! 1. Blackpoll Warbler 2. Nashville Warbler
  12. Thanks! I was fairly confident on the Cape May...that's a lifer! Was hoping for another lifer with Lincoln's Sparrow, but one outta two ain't bad. For Lincoln's, I'm guessing we wouldn't see such bold, dark stripes on side of throat and finer streaking on breast and flanks?
  13. Photos taken Friday, 10/5/2018, in Southeast Michigan. 1. What sparrow? I accidentally had the "POP" effect on when taking the picture, which really oversaturates the colors. I tried unsaturating in processing. 2. What warbler?
  14. Yeah. I wish (1) I had noticed and taken more shots and (2) had a bigger lens. There was a birder with a much bigger lens and tripod a little ways away, but I think he was focusing much closer on the plovers and sandpipers. I was looking for an American Golden Plover in the area which I didn’t see. I’m going to check eBird for reports that day.
  15. It is a warbler. A finch beak would be bigger at the base. I believe a Blackpoll Warbler. Are these all the same bird?
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