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  1. Thanks, @akiley. I should have known based on size. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I got. I didn't notice the dark one in the field (I know...poor gulling skills). Here are a couple other crops of the birds left and right.
  2. 9/29/18, Traverse City, Michigan. Pretty distant gulls. A bunch of Ring-billed, a few Herring, (a couple swans), but what are the 2 in the circle? Could it be Great Black-backed and Glaucous?
  3. 9/24/18, Dearborn, MI. Going through some photos. I brightened these. Yellow-rumped?
  4. @Lady Tiff, are you by chance removing these pictures, because I can't see them and am getting an error. Maybe it's on my end. But if you are removing, any chance you can leave them up for a few days? I like to learn from other people's pictures and responses.
  5. Just a couple subtle differences in the 1st bird in original post (Palm) and your latest photos in this thread (Yellow-rumped) I noticed: The Palm has a yellow eyebrow stripe and dark malar stripes not shown in Yellow-rumped.
  6. I've never seen one, but this might be an immature Little Blue Heron.
  7. Not sure...just making an observation and hoping someone more experienced can shed some light.
  8. I think young Eastern Phoebe, but wait for experts.
  9. Thank you both! That's what I thought. Believe it or not, Purple Finch is a lifer.
  10. Welcome to Whatbird! Yes, that's what it looks like. Where and when was this?
  11. This was taken at the end of August in a marshy area in Southeast Michigan. There was an adult Song Sparrow (I think in the same tree, but not the same time) and two adult Swamp Sparrows in the general area. What is this? These were taken 9/19 in Dearborn, Michigan. Heavily cropped, far away, bad pics, etc. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but my guess would be a lifer and I don't want to influence responses.
  12. Also, I'm not seeing a white chin strap on the smaller goose.
  13. Haven't posted since the site came back up. This is actually from a couple days ago. Bay-breasted Warbler.
  14. Agree and All About Birds says "Birds in fresh fall plumage show faint yellow on the belly and whitish edging on the folded wing feathers." Maybe the camera kicked up the yellow a bit automatically?
  15. If I'm not mistaken, I think I'm seeing the signature blue wings of Blue-winged Teals.
  16. Not a finch with that beak. I'm sure an expert will be able to ID. I'm guessing Yellow-throated Vireo.
  17. I think Indigo Bunting. Good shot of the tail in the 2nd photo and it looks too short for Towhee, and I'm not sure, but think even a juvenile Towhee will show significant white on undertail.
  18. House Finch. Purple would show some rosiness in the wings and mixed in with brown on side of head.
  19. Without brightening the bird, strikes me as a Song Sparrow.
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