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  1. Tough one. Bumping to see if anyone has an opinion. I wouldn't want to call it, having never actually seen a Yellow-crowned, but beak shape by itself makes me think Black-crowned.
  2. I'd say so, but not an expert. You definitely have a couple Semipalmated Plovers in there.
  3. Not sure of age, but yes, Magnolia with that diagnostic undertail pattern. I missed it on a photo I posted further down the page.
  4. Photos from yesterday, 9/6/18, in Dearborn, MI. Lighting obviously bad. Let me know if you want me to lighten these up. 1. I think this is a Northern Parula because of the yellow lower mandible in 1st pic, yellow undersides, wing bars, and greenish back. 2. I think this is an immature Chestnut-sided Warbler because of the greenish top of head and nape, grayish cheeks, and bold eyering.
  5. I agree with Spotted Sandpiper. No idea how it happened, but maybe their wings can get dislocated like our shoulders? I don't know. But it looks like just the right wing is off and its left wing tips are in the normal location.
  6. I think this is a Yellowlegs sp. I think a Stilt Sandpiper's bill would be slightly curved down and look a little thicker.
  7. This is a classic Cooper's Hawk. Like you said, tail is too long for a Red-shouldered.
  8. Wait for experts, but that's what I would call it based on colors and shape of eyering. Edit: maybe edit the topic title?
  9. In the middle photo, the birds in the middle of the frame, it looks like you have a Lesser Yellowlegs behind a Greater Yellowlegs preening. The size difference is noticeable.
  10. 8/31/2018. Southeast Michigan, Pointe Mouillee I think the one on the right is a Least Sandpiper because of the small, pointy beak, but not sure.
  11. Guessing Blue-winged Teal with that underwing pattern in IMG_3879.
  12. I am far from an expert, but they look to bulky and beaks are too big for Bonaparte's. Maybe Laughing Gulls?
  13. 8/24/2018, St. Joseph, Southwest Michigan There were about 30 gulls - Ring-billed and Herring mix - on this section of the beach in the morning. This one was a little bit separate from the main group and had unique plumage. Still Herring?
  14. I have VERY limited experience with shorebirds. Both pictures in the last few days in Saint Joseph, MI, Southeast corner of Lake Michigan. 1. Low light in the evening. Guessing Sanderling because of lack of hind toe? But the beak doesn't seem right? I don't know...might be normal. 2. Semipalmated Sandpiper because of partially-webbed toes?
  15. I'd say so. Beak seems too big for a bunting.
  16. Dearborn, MI, 7/9/20018. Same bird in both pics in different lighting.
  17. These were taken recently at Pointe Mouilee on Lake Erie. I've got some lifers regardless, but please correct any of these IDs: 1. Stilt Sandpiper? 2. A young Rail...which? 3. Lesser Yellowlegs
  18. I guess shorebirds are migrating back South through Michigan now, and I need help. These were taken recently at Pointe Mouilee on Lake Erie. I've got some lifers regardless, but please correct any of these IDs: 1. Stilt Sandpiper? 2. Short-billed Dowitchers, because of how much white in the tail in flight photo? 3. Short-billed Dowitcher juvenile? with peep - guessing Semipalmated Sandpiper? 4. Same peep as above, guessing Semipalmated Sandpiper?
  19. 4/27/18 in Orlando, FL. Should be pretty straightforward, but with gulls, I'm always wondering if I'm missing something. 1. Laughing Gull? 2. Ring-billed Gull?
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