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  1. That's why I asked. So Magnolias have the pale orange circle. Good to know, thanks.
  2. NYC, 10/27/21 I'm using the yellow-orange circle on the back, as well as the white eye ring, for possible ID. The tiny faint stripes is why I'm asking. Thanks.
  3. So they don't all have the white dot? Have to go on the dull blue shadowing on the face? Thanks.
  4. Lower E. Side, NYC - late afternoon, Oct. 2, 2012 At first I thought juv. and/or female Yellowthroat, but the yellow was very bright, and extended all the way down to its bottom including much of its tail. The bird was very active. Kami
  5. Lower E Side, NYC, late afternoon, Oct 2, 2021 Thanks.
  6. Could be; the photos are from different days.
  7. I forgot to mention that I also saw another female Black-throated Blue Warbler, maybe 2 (an hour apart) during this period. I remembered the ID thanks to folks here. 😊
  8. Thanks! I knew it was one of the really confusing ones. But it means I saw maybe 8 different Warblers during this time!
  9. Thanks! Glad I got two of them right! Sorry about the dupes.
  10. Lower E. Side, NYC - Sept. 29-Oct 1. In these 3 days, have seen at least 1/2 dozen different Warblers. I was sure of maybe two of them (not included here - male Yellowthroat & Black&White, also an Ovenbird, which strutted by a Wood Thrush, 2 Swainson's Thrushes, a Song Sparrow and a White Throated Sparrow - major "treat"). I think the first 2 photos and maybe the 3rd is a Palm Warbler. I saw this bird at least twice. Next 4 maybe a female/immature Magnolia Warbler? Next one - No idea, saw it a few times. This one I saw a week earlier - Thanks for any help.
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