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  1. Thanks all. Bird Nuts - In the photo, it looks tan and white to me. I'll keep in mind the " brown, buff, and blue-gray" when I edit/enhance the photo and the video. 🙂
  2. NYC May 19 I didn't recognize it even as a Sparrow when I saw it. Looking at video today, I'm wondering if it's a Savannah or Lincoln because every few years I've seen both in this area. Not enough color in the video to see clear markings -- except for the tan curve on its neck under its eye, which could mean Lincoln's. (The vid-caps aren't enhanced.) Thanks.
  3. The photos show the "patch" well. Thanks for posting and for the explanation!
  4. Thanks. Unsure what you mean by "translucent." The word means light comes through. The poor lighting killed the entire ID for me.
  5. Okay, thanks. And the "attacker" is a Crow, wings hit by strong sunlight?
  6. (NYC, 4/4/21 - 6 pm). It was flying away from me against gray skies. It "felt" like Red-tail Hawk, until I saw the video, which shows no color, and dark and light markings on body. Then there's the bird which attacked from above, which I thought was a Crow; and maybe what looks like white wings (last one) is from the light? Included vid-caps both lightened and untouched, and in between. Thanks!
  7. 😀 Thanks! I'm surprised that much detail can be seen.
  8. New York City, 4/1/21. This was very high up. I first thought it was a Gull. Only when I viewed and magnified it on my large monitors, did I start thinking it's a Cooper's Hawk. These are screenshots from video. Except as titled, I zoomed in for the s-shots. (I put just 4 into the message body; the others are too distorted when blown up as is done in the messages. - Although they seem to be in the msg body.) Thanks.
  9. Thanks! Learned a new word (palagial).
  10. Yes, thanks! It was my first guess, but wasn't sure because of the lack of color which I usually see with RT's.
  11. NYC, Jan 22, 2021 (Too backlit for me) Thanks.
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