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  1. (Today in NYC) This bird was much larger than a pigeon. It looked much larger than a Crow, except that I've never seen a Crow on the ground. Its beak also looks larger than a Crow's. 😊 (all video frame screenshots)
  2. Yes, THANK YOU! Glad I was right about the stripes, that's all I could see before. Now I can see the eye. GREAT job!
  3. Thanks! What do you see in the blob of gray which ID's it? 🙃
  4. Great, thanks! I'd appreciate it if you can point out what you see for the ID. All I see is a lot of gray. Here's the link for the video. Please tell me when I can delete it! (I didn't know how to make it visible only for those with the link.) https://www.flickr.com/photos/45718806@N08/49891387618/in/dateposted-public/
  5. Yes. Will do. Meanwhile, here are a couple of the originals (attached, I think).
  6. Can I email the actual video file? It's only a couple of seconds.
  7. Give me a few moments. It's a screenshot of a video frame.
  8. Same here, hate the dark border. But on this screenshot, I can see what looks like very light stripes on its sides. I tried photoshopping it more, and the body stripes were a tad clearer (not enough to be worth posting).
  9. The wide shadow, if it is a shadow, would be from a branch. I think.
  10. I think the beak of the bird I saw is longer than that of a Kinglet (just looked at a photo).
  11. Would be great if it was a B&W Warbler. I've seen only one in this area, a few years ago.
  12. Thanks to all for the replies. My first guess on the Sparrow was a Swamp, but when I saw the deep color on the computer, I thought maybe a Chipping. The bird in the tree was too small and not moving like a House Sparrow. I intentionally picked screenshots of it which emphasized the beak. Thanks again. Happy Birding!
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