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  1. Seen in NYC May 9. Small bird. It was on and off the fence in seconds. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. OK. I've never seen a Cardinal, male or female, with its crest flattened. My view was pretty much straight up, cam vertical. 🙂
  3. Thanks. The beak makes sense for a Cardinal, but I'd think I would have seen even a bit of its Crest. Can a Song Sparrow be as large as a Robin or pigeon? Other than that, I would also say a Song Sparrow.
  4. (NYC, April 7, 2022) Up high in a tree. At first there was one bird which seemed to be the size of a Robin. The second, larger one, landed on a nearby branch. It was more active than the smaller one. While the smaller one has the markings of a Song Sparrow, it seemed to be the size of a Robin. I think the larger one is a Robin. (The original photos were almost totally backlit.) https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzJMr3
  5. Right, I've seen that incoming mask. 🙂 Thanks!
  6. NYC, 11/1/21, soon before sundown. I included one edited photo because it was so dark.
  7. Oct 31, 2021, NYC - Late in day and cloudy. I'm not sure this even is a Warbler. Replies appreciated.
  8. That's why I asked. So Magnolias have the pale orange circle. Good to know, thanks.
  9. NYC, 10/27/21 I'm using the yellow-orange circle on the back, as well as the white eye ring, for possible ID. The tiny faint stripes is why I'm asking. Thanks.
  10. So they don't all have the white dot? Have to go on the dull blue shadowing on the face? Thanks.
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