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  1. Thanks! So a House Wren is about the same size as warblers? What would be the differences between an adult and immature House Wren?
  2. 9/28/19, 6 pm. NYC, cloudy. When I first saw this bird, I noticed the yellow breast with a bit of white at the "shoulders," rest looked brown, and same size as warblers. Later, when I saw the video on my large monitor (screenshots below), I noticed the markings on the neck, edge of wings and tail, and tail shape & angle, but not nearly as many markings as a House or Winter Wren -- none that I can see on top of head and back . The bird looked larger than what I remember a Winter Wren is. Replies very much appreciated.
  3. (NYC on 9/25/19). I can usually tell the difference. Maybe because of poor lighting, the color and spotting looked duller & lighter than a Swainson's, so not sure. (I'm not good at telling the difference between eye rings.) Thanks.
  4. Hi, (9/7/19 - Lower E. Side of Manhattan) I think this is a Northern Waterthrush, which I see here once or twice a year (saw on this past Spring). But I'm never really sure if they're Northern or Louisiana Waterthrushes. All replies appreciated. Kami
  5. NYC, 5/16/19. Wondering if this is a Savannah Sparrow.
  6. I'm on a p.c. with 24" monitors. I haven't seen resize tools, but I'll look again next time I post. Thanks!
  7. Thanks BN, this is what I thought. Shade always makes ID'ing more confusing, but the photos/videos usually have more contrast. And with this bird, much of the resulting color is buffy.
  8. The photos I upload are much larger than the originals (they're screen shots of video frames, less than 100x100, under 100KB). Is it possible to make them smaller in the message? This photo is an example. Thanks, Kami
  9. NYC, Oct. 25, 2018. When I saw it, I thought it was a Song Sparrow. But looking at the video, I'm not sure. The markings, especially the white areas under and around the beak, say Song Sparrow. It's the pale, lacking contrast, feathers which are confusing me. Thanks, Kami
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