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  1. NYC, 5/16/19. Wondering if this is a Savannah Sparrow.
  2. I'm on a p.c. with 24" monitors. I haven't seen resize tools, but I'll look again next time I post. Thanks!
  3. Thanks BN, this is what I thought. Shade always makes ID'ing more confusing, but the photos/videos usually have more contrast. And with this bird, much of the resulting color is buffy.
  4. The photos I upload are much larger than the originals (they're screen shots of video frames, less than 100x100, under 100KB). Is it possible to make them smaller in the message? This photo is an example. Thanks, Kami
  5. NYC, Oct. 25, 2018. When I saw it, I thought it was a Song Sparrow. But looking at the video, I'm not sure. The markings, especially the white areas under and around the beak, say Song Sparrow. It's the pale, lacking contrast, feathers which are confusing me. Thanks, Kami
  6. NYC earlier today. I was looking up to see this bird, and the lighting was poor. I thought it was a House Sparrow till I saw the beak enlarged on my computer. I enhanced these screenshots (from video) as much as I could; I'm not even sure the head stripes in one of the photos is a stripe or shadow, since it's not seen in the second photo. There've been lots of White Throated Sparrows and a few Juncos around here. Feedback appreciated. Kami
  7. Good to know, thanks. I saw several Swamp Sparrows at different times in October. None of them had this coloring.
  8. NYC, 11/8/18. Bird was in total shade. Is the pinkish color, which is just as I saw it, normal for Swamp Sparrows? Thanks, Kami
  9. Thanks again! Do you have a link to a Song Sparrow which clearly shows the blue-gray superciliums? On most of the Song Sparrows I see, they're gray.
  10. Thanks. I had to look that up ("eyebrow"), it's something I must remember! I rarely see Lincoln's and Savannah Sparrows; all I can remember is that the Savannahs are lighter than Song Sparrows, and Lincoln's are darker. Not much to go on. Thanks again.
  11. NYC, 10/25/18. I couldn't get a good shot of this bird, it stayed in the shade and was mostly beak-deep in the grass. It seemed darker than a Song Sparrow. (I'm not sure the photos are the same bird.) Kami
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