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  1. Thanks! Learned a new word (palagial).
  2. Yes, thanks! It was my first guess, but wasn't sure because of the lack of color which I usually see with RT's.
  3. NYC, Jan 22, 2021 (Too backlit for me) Thanks.
  4. They look larger to me, maybe because they're "posture" is so different, they're so colorful. 🙂
  5. Thanks all for the interesting information. There are Cooper's Hawks in this area, so I'd go with that too. (Red-tails are the most common here (lower Manhattan); occasionally, one will fly right by my 19th floor window. So where do Kestrels fit in on the size "scale"?
  6. I've seen Crows dive bombing Red-Tails. This get-together still amazes me. I thought a Cooper's is larger than a Crow (and a Kestrel) and smaller than a Red-Tail, and darker. I have no idea what a Sharp-shinned looks like. 🙂
  7. Thanks. It sure fooled me. It looked a lot smaller than the Red-tail Hawks I usually see. When near the pigeon flock, it didn't seem much larger.
  8. Has anyone seen this? (I'm in NYC; photos from Nov 29, 2020) Kami
  9. (NYC, 12/13/21, cloudy day) Hi, I think this is a Kestrel, but I don't recall seeing an the "eyebrow" on them. It was chasing pigeons, soon gave up. Thanks.
  10. (NYC) This is from end of March 2020. I'm pretty sure it's a Song Sparrow, but it looks thinner/narrower than the ones I usually see. The first is untouched, the second is slightly enhanced. Thanks.
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