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  1. 10/15/20, NYC. When I first saw this bird , in the sun, with bright orange color, very little spotting, and strong eyebrow, I thought Carolina Wren. But it was smaller than the one I remember seeing a couple of years ago. I also compared it with other Wrens, and noticed the Winter Wren sometimes looks a bit orange and also has an eyebrow. (The color seen in these photos IS what I saw.)
  2. Thanks. Glad to know my original ID (immature male YT) was right! 😀
  3. Never heard of an Orange-crowned Warbler, so I looked it up. How does one tell the difference between this and a female Yellowthroat? These video s-caps are from Sept. I thought it was a Yellowthroat, maybe an immature male since I see a shadow below the eye, but now I'm not sure. (The water is just a puddle on a driveway.)
  4. You can see the markings on these shots? 🙂
  5. I saw this bird for just a couple of seconds. It was on a bush, but scared by people several feet away. These are screenshots from video; didn't have time for a decent shot. (I saw this at the same time as I saw the Blackpoll Warblers.) Thanks again.
  6. NYC (10/18/20) - Sorry, I still can't tell these apart. At least I got a couple with the feet showing. I might have seen two, the first photo being the first one. There were other small birds nearby, so when I saw two, I thought they might both be Warblers, but I don't really know. Do the pale stripes indicate an Immature or Juvie? (These photos are as taken.) Once again, thanks much for your input.
  7. Thanks for the replies. "Remember me" IS set. I still have to log-in each time, and it remains checked. I admit that I don't spend a lot of time on this site, only when I need an ID. If I don't get email notifications, I'll forget about it. 😳 (Same experience in this forum.)
  8. I didn't get notification of these replies, so a belated thanks. I see the difference in the other photo, but is that bird a male, female, immature. My problem is that all the Warblers I'm seeing, in October, are likely females and/or immatures. They're all pale yellow. Thanks again.
  9. I get email notification of a post. I click on the link and am taken to the page. I log in (even if my last log in was an hour ago). Then I hit reply and start to enter a reply. But the reply box disappears. The only way I can enter a reply to the reply I received is by going to the Identify a NA Bird page, locating and opening my post. THEN I can reply. I figured out how to have only my own posts listed, but it still extra steps. I don't understand why I can't reply after I log in on the page where my message is. Kami
  10. It's okay, I don't keep an "official" life list. I'll go back to my UNofficial word "first". 🙂
  11. Thank you everyone!! Bay-breasted is another lifer for me. (Blackpoll ID'd here last week was the other.) I read that the foot color is an indication (part of a leg can be seen in the 3rd photo). The grass as you see was way too deep to see the feet. Half the time much of the bird couldn't be seen. 🙂 Thanks again!!
  12. 10/14/02, New York City. Some streaking on top; bottom is a very pale yellow. White top and bottom of eye seems (to me) more distinct than the Blackpoll, and almost every other striped Warbler I see on photos. Thanks.
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