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  1. Earlier today. There's scaffolding everywhere here, and I was standing against one of the poles by one of the remote lawns of my complex. All of a sudden, I notice a bird on the pole just a few feet from me. It was a Tufted Titmouse -- and it looked SO TINY! (I didn't try to record it because I knew if I moved even an inch it would take off, but I was able to when it flew onto the ground still very close.) A few minutes later, I saw another very small bird on the ground, maybe 6-7 feet from me - a White-breasted Nuthatch -- only the 3rd or 4th time I've seen one. It too looked much tinier than what I remembered from the previous sightings, which were further away, one on a tree limb. So distance must also play a part in size perception.
  2. I believe there are variations in some species, if not all. There are a lot of pigeons around here. When they're flying, there seems to be different sizes. But most Sparrows, regardless of type, all seem to me to be the same size., except for (in my experience) Fox Sparrows. This is why i started this thread. 😉
  3. I had a similar experience with a Crow I saw on the ground. But repliers here assured me it was a Crow, not a Raven. 😀
  4. Thanks for understanding how I was feeling. 🙂
  5. The grass was still VERY high when I saw the bird. It was near the edge of the grass at this point; most of the time it was visible only from its back up. Even White Throated and Song Sparrows look half "buried" in the grass. (It was cut later in the day.)
  6. NYC, 10/28/22 This bird looked like the size of a Blue Jay. I've seen Titmice here, but they were much smaller. Is this a variant? (The pictures are frame shots, taken within the camcorder. As soon as the bird noticed me, it took off, so I didn't have time to get a good look, let alone a good shot.)
  7. I first saw the bird on the ground. It's smaller than a Robin. It's about Sparrow and Warbler size.
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