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  1. I think band-backed, shows it's name sake bands on its back and tail, plus the throat and belly spots. spot-breasted(and almost all wrens in the Yucatan) have solid and very contrasting brown backs compared to their chest unlike banded-backed.
  2. Looks good to me! Black defined spots, white brow, banded undertail and a rufous rump!
  3. I couldn't figure this one out since I thought the bill looked short and wide(I kept thinking spadebill or flatbill) so I forwarded the pic to a friend in Belize. He said it looks like a Slate-headed Today Flycatcher. Those have long bills but now that I look at the pic I think the angle just makes it look short.
  4. Agreed with Black-headed Saltator over Buff-throated Saltator as the black extends around to the nape and up onto it's head(hence the name sake). Whereas Buff-throated would have a gray there instead.
  5. @Miss Marge What part of Belize did you see this in? There's Mayan ruins across the entire country so that doesn't help with location.
  6. More importantly than range, these are Surf over Black due to head structure and color. You can see the tick bill, shallow forehead and broken white patches on the face compared to a Black which would have a thinner bill, a step forehead and extensive unbroken white face.
  7. You'll have to make it "public" on adobe so we can access it.
  8. The first bird looks great for Ruddy Duck, dark cap, white cheek patch, "squatty" body appearance. I don't (or at least me personally) think the second bird is identifiable.
  9. FOS Smith Longspur! I tend to think of them as one of the last fall passerines to migrate through before winter birds start showing up. https://ebird.org/checklist/S97389757
  10. "I swear Dave you always park at the far end of the parking lot, park closer to the stores entrance next time!"
  11. Must be a super close up shot of the woodpecker's back because all I see is a black image. ?
  12. That's so cool man! Can't wait to see some shots!
  13. It's a Yellow-rumped Warbler. The "Myrtle" subspecies.
  14. This is a super fun idea! Are we supposed to add birds for just 2021 or all time?
  15. Was this found at a public park? I have a friend from SW MO who is interested in chasing this if possible. Any details or an ebird report would be awesome! Congrats btw!
  16. Most needed lifer: Most needed for that location(state bird/county bird ect.) US: Golden-crowned Sparrow 2.13% Golden-crowned Sparrow 2.13% Iowa: Connecticut Warbler .0649% Blue-winged Warbler .7190% Pottawatomie County: Slaty-backed Gull .1312% Northern Goshawk .1749%
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