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  1. I rarely dream. However I once dreamt that my friends spotted a green bird in a tree and I couldn't ID it.
  2. The guy in the back looks like he wanted in on the pic. He should learn to wait his tern.
  3. Looks better for a young White-crowned Sparrow.
  4. You got it! The fine streaks, buffy sides and tan malar help point towards LISP.
  5. Melospiza is the genus that has Swamp, Song and Lincoln's sparrow belong to. a slam is when you get all the species in a certain category.
  6. As others suggested use the target species on ebird. You should check out Turtle Creek Reservoir, judging from your pfp you own a scope which would make birding from the dam super profitable, Sept-Dec is the best time for large body's of water in the Midwest. Also be sure to check out the grounds below the dam such as the spillway and camping area. As the lake freeze's this winter the spillway stays open attracting some decent gulls.
  7. I'm from Treynor Iowa. I got the CERW from SW Missouri in 2019.
  8. Correct family but wrong species. Note the chest band and the end tail pattern.
  9. I can't remember the last time I saw a Meadowlarx.. ??
  10. Bro I feel ya, there's a BBHU (2nd state record) in IA rn but I can't chase it atm.
  11. Wow! Kansas got all 4 species of nuthatches?!
  12. If you zoom in on the pic you can see the pink bill(a trait of the dark lored Ssp.). Also you can see a black crown stripe and a tiny bit of white on top.
  13. It looks so realistic! insane!
  14. Common Ground Dove. You cant tell by the rusty orange/red primary wing feathers along with the bicolored bill.
  15. Opening and trying to load that checklist would crash my city's servers for at least 3 days!
  16. No to both of you. Notice the chest band
  17. Bro! I love how you captured the spark in it's eye in the first pic!
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