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  1. I like this thread a lot. I knew there was a good reason to save all my crappy shots. XD
  2. Looks better for a young Western Bluebird.
  3. I like your bird feeder stream! I don't think you'll have to worry about "training" the birds to eat suet. Many species love it and will use it. Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Carolina Wrens and Pine Warblers are a few in your area that will probably utilize it.
  4. The white eyebrow, pale bill and contrasting colors between the upper body and underside would suggest Meadowlark Sp.
  5. Thanks Kevin! I'm glad to be back! Disappointed though there isn't a live chat room anymore.
  6. Iv'e never seen a Harrier go for another bird. That's super neat to witness.
  7. I agree with YBCU. Meadowlarks have very short tails with yellow and a black breast band. This bird has a long tail with the black and white pattern seen on cuckoos plus the yellow hue on the bill.
  8. That's one key to figuring them out, also Caspian have more black on their wing tips compared to Royal.
  9. The second bird is definitely a Chipping Sparrow.
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