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  1. Thanks again. The random "splotchy" colouring on the head threw me.
  2. Southern Ontario yesterday. Feel I should know this one so any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks akiley. It appeared quite a bit lighter than the others and was by itself so worth a second opinion.
  4. Southern Ontario today. Also, is it a female? Thanks
  5. Thanks everyone. I think I can see the displaced feathers now that created the grey area on the head. Nice to see the site getting busier, Spring must be close.
  6. Southern Ontario today. The duck in the centre is the one, with the light grey on the side of the head (the spellings confirm the location as north of the border). Thanks.
  7. NG B of NA suggests 1st Winter male although mine based on size looks more like a female.
  8. Not sure if this helps, tried to bring out some more detail.
  9. I did another search and the only similar one I could find is this Mallard/Hawaiian hybrid. So probably safest to report it as Mallard(domestic)?
  10. Thanks IBH. I've seen a few of the domestic mixes but thought this one looked more like a straightforward Mallard/what duck? mix as it is much "cleaner" plus the dark bill. Any other possible suggestions?
  11. South Ontario yesterday. Just wondering what got into the mix, Pintail perhaps? Thanks.
  12. Wow - it works. I think this all goes back to how deceptive photos can be for ID. The first photo of the OP is definitely "not a good likeness".
  13. Sorry, I don't know how to do the selective quotes. Just for you Millipede while I was out this morning I grabbed a shot of our bird. He would not cooperate and stand next to a Canada Goose for me but he did do his famous "barnyard goose" impression.
  14. You are exaggerating with "a gentleman" as I did with the "spoke to". It was just a hello.
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