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  1. This could get confusing quickly. I wonder if it is possible to blend the two threads @Aveschapines and maybe a more obvious title? Suggestions welcome. "Male With Female Photos" (or Female With Male Photos).
  2. The "synchronized dabbling" event - more work on formation required.
  3. ....and just to be clear - yes, I used photo software (I may try to do a better version later just for my own interest). I have absolutely no artistic skills.
  4. Since it is fairly quiet here at the moment I thought I would add a late entry for the Cedar Waxwing. Any resemblance to a photo I posted recently is purely coincidental 🙂.
  5. Thanks @IKLland and @Jefferson Shank for pointing this out as I don't follow these postings. Presumably these are photos posted in the previous 24 hours. I have no idea how they decide between forty 4 star ratings and twenty 5 star ratings!! PS. Cute swan photos always get more attention than they should. Your Carolina Wren is excellent Jefferson.
  6. I think the all yellow bill of this one disqualifies intersex Mallard.
  7. Most likely Black Duck x Mallard. The plumage doesn't look quite right but maybe just the photo. This one from a couple of days ago also had a very light cheek patch.
  8. After today I am going back to my "one a day". I also like being forced to pick a favourite for whatever reason (quality, interest, cute etc.). PS. Guess who broke the rule first and got 26 likes for it!! 🙂.
  9. I had always thought it was supposed to be "best" photo of the day (which I prefer as it stops there being too many photos to review) but I"ll go with the flow and throw in another one too. With the swans the affectionate stage comes just before the aggressive stage (when the dominant pair clear out the rest of the residents).
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