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  1. Brilliant - this made my day (and so fast). Turns out that copying and pasting permits inter photo text. I don't feel as silly as I thought I would. Example of my success in LOL.
  2. William, I would have thought with all this social distancing there would be some degree of privacy!! William, I still have a feeling we are being watched!
  3. My grandchildren mock me constantly because of my limited interweb skills. I have tried several times to achieve the following for a post: Line 1 - Text Line 2 - Photo Line 3 - Text Line 4 - Photo My problem is between Line 2 and Line 4. I don't see a space to insert text before adding the next photo (I add photos directly from my PC). I have tried adding both photos and then inserting text in between but no luck. Any response will have to be excruciatingly simple (no-one else seems to have this problem). Assuming a positive outcome I am hoping @Aveschapines will then delete this for all time. PS. Lost my internet (and home phone) for a week - long story - but great to be connected again. Any insight very much appreciated (although I suspect this may not go well).
  4. I was thinking Dove initially but perhaps the background looks like it is part of the head?
  5. Another endorsement for Diamondback, very happy with mine purchased from B&H (much lighter than my old Nikons 80s vintage - now yard duty). That was painful - not good on my phone.Lost my internet this morning (dead modem and extremely limited service available from provider so replacement may take a while). Any future contact will therefore be very brief.
  6. Southern Ontario today. Backlit and quite distant so heavy crops. I don't see many (two so far) and it is a first for this location so just double checking. I think the second photo shows the "windows". Thanks.
  7. Rather than "older" I am aiming for "oldest" bird photo (fairly sure this was my first). Taken around 1960 plus or minus a year or two and the actual camera I used (yes, I still have it and yes I am a bit of a hoarder). Flashbulbs were much more fun than electronic flash (and only three shutter speeds!!).
  8. Just to give this a bump I will say Sharp-shinned based on the coarse streaking and squarish tail.
  9. In the main ID forum @Charlie Spencer just referenced an old PBS documentary which I also saw (well worth watching out for) about the intelligence of Corvids and it reminded me of this photo. I find these birds absolutely fascinating.
  10. Thanks Alex, very much appreciated. Yes, the bird in your link looks fairly similar and is probably correct. The last photo I posted seems almost identical to the Cackling (but most likely representing a Taverner's and having a short neck) in my edition of Sibley. I did a very quick review of local postings (not a lot with photos) for Cackling, presumably almost all Richardson's, and they typically had a flat head. I'm going to leave it at that. I have learned that my 2007 Sibley does not incorporate the significant changes made in 2004 and also had a good intro course on Cackling. Thanks again.
  11. I know, I know - why won't this guy just go away🙄. At least I know now why it took me over a year to find a Cackling Goose - I was looking for the bird shown as a Cackling in Sibley but it was actually a Taverner's (which was not in my edition). Pretty sure I would have seen a lot of Richardson's during my quest which I would have discounted. My question now is how close did I come? The photo below is my very first Cackling which has the stubbiest bill I have found so far, a rounded head and there is no kink in the face patch (ala Richardson's) or am I way off base. Hoping @AlexHenry will provide an opinion. Full disclosure - it seems there is only one sighting of a Taverner's on the east side of the continent, in Rhode Island. I think it looks pretty similar to mine but then again I have very poor ID skills. Thanks.
  12. I watched a documentary about Hummers a few years ago on PBS. I think it was Peru and the birds were so high in the mountains it should have been almost impossible to fly but they had adapted, can't remember the details of how they did it but the doc is well worth watching if it comes back - amazing birds.
  13. That is interesting but does not seem to correlate with the layout in my Sibley Guide (2007). I obviously should do some more research and not waste any more time of the responders here. Thanks again.
  14. Sorry, I tried to let it go but.... ....since Cackling has such a specific set of characteristics and call (different to the other sub-species) would it not be more logical to have an umbrella sub-species name such as Canada Goose Minima or whatever and then have all the sub-species under that? I'm done.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the input, it has been extremely helpful.
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