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  1. Hooded Merganser in Photos 3 and 4.
  2. They definitely exist and can let you know quite loudly - as always location, location, location.
  3. Thanks. I saw the brown rump and Cliff Swallows nest nearby but I was intrigued by the white feathers nicely attached to the tail.
  4. Southern Ontario today. Is this a juvenile Barn Swallow, not sure what else would have these white feathers? Thanks.
  5. Oops, yes I knew that. I was rushing and meant to vote for the Sharpie side, I think I'll stay out of this one.
  6. Thanks folks, i posted it as a Cooper's. It was the eye placement that started the doubts.
  7. Southern Ontario this morning. It was early and overcast so poor lighting (ISO 51,200) but I was pretty sure at the time it was a Cooper's, the size thing. However switching to Sharp-shinned now. I think it is a hood rather than a cap (but not as distinct as usual), a rounded head and the eye appears centrally placed. I'm not sure if the tail is helpful. This is much easier when it's someone else's bird - once you start second guessing it's all downhill. Thanks.
  8. Correct, when I did a quick check on eBird I zoomed in on Grand Canyon West by mistake.
  9. It seems New Haven, CT was the nearest sighting a few years ago, otherwise a bit of a drive. However, a Grand Canyon sighting looks to be quite impressive, nothing recent (as in this year) that I noticed.
  10. No doubt about the Peregrine, but never seen a Zone-tailed Hawk.
  11. Appreciate the detailed response. Eagles not too common here, especially this time of year and I tend to be more interested in behaviour than IDs. Just checked and the typical breeding age is 4/5 years (must be the upper end of the range) so it seems the immature birds will spend a lot of time hanging out together. Thanks again.
  12. Southern Ontario this morning. Two fairly distant birds were putting on a bit of an aerial display, soaring together then flying straight at each other - similar to what I've seen with young gulls, suggesting siblings or maybe just young birds staying together. From the markings (the white areas plus the dark eye stripe) they appear to be 3rd Year (which would probably discount siblings?). Thanks.
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