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  1. Southern Ontario, Sept. 25. Streaking looks a little heavy but it has a broad grey supercilium, eye-ring and buffy moustache stripe. I've been trying to spot a Lincoln's for some time but quite elusive (not trying to influence anyone, honest). Thanks.
  2. I agree with Red-naped, probably a male as I can't see a white chin.
  3. They have pale blue wing coverts and green speculums. The terrible photo I took recently shows this, what appears white is actually the pale blue.
  4. Thanks @HamRHead. Yes, our reviews are typically weeks or months which is fine. In this case I just lost faith in my original ID. Nice photo, you nailed the focus and those red eyes really stand out.
  5. Thanks @akandula and @The Bird Nuts. I had initially identified this as a Red-eyed Vireo but it was quite late in the year for this location (nothing locally after mid-September so flagged by eBird - still not accepted) and so the doubts set in, not helped by the poor photo. Many thanks.
  6. Southern Ontario, October 4. I am not going to admit what I initially identified this as, but in the back of my mind I had major doubts. Think I have it right this time. Thanks.
  7. Thanks @akandula. The patches of red on the head and sides had me wondering (but it appears to be an adult bird). Also the distinct spots all the way back to the tail (I could not find any images on the internet showing this, the spots typically fade away half way down the undersides). I guess I tried to over complicate this one.
  8. Southern Ontario, October 4. Observations (or why I can't decide). Glimpsed this bird twice in the same boggy area, foraging on the ground, not where I typically see Hermits. Very secretive, never got a clear view. The photo showing the tail would strongly suggest Hermit and probably the answer, but I also see rufous colouring on the head and elsewhere, so maybe/possibly moulting? I don't see a buffy eye-ring (looks white and fades a little at the front) or cheeks, but others may - colours not a strong point of mine, so I discounted Swainson's. The spots are quite distinct, forming streaks on the throat (Wood Thrush!!) and extending down close to the tail. Looking forward to some assistance with this one. Thanks.
  9. Unreservedly, but I have to think the prize goes to @HamRHead for indubitably (a hint of Sherlock Holmes and his investigatory skills).
  10. Many thanks. When I came back to my desktop my National Geographic guide was open at the page with Tennessee and Orange-crowned, I think I must have decided to regroup. I think Tennessee looks good. I just checked and it is outside the date range so the reviewer can shoot it down if he disagrees. Thanks again.
  11. Southern Ontario, early this morning. My first thought was Philadelphia Vireo (legs look dark but not the feet - lighting maybe?). Second thought was Palm Warbler, but I don't see breast streaking, again maybe lighting. Getting late for both, except weather is co-operating. Any other possibilities? Could not get decent photos. Thanks.
  12. Thanks @egosnell2002. The grey body had me stumped, possibly/probably moving into breeding plumage? Much appreciated.
  13. Two more images but it was pretty distant so not great quality. Definitely larger than the Grebe (surprise!!) but seemed to be about the same size as the Coot. Has to be Gadwall?, flat top of head etc. although I was reaching for Garganey based on size, too grey for Teals? I definitely give up.
  14. As a non-expert I would lean towards an eclipse male with some Redhead/Scaup genes, but wait for more experienced ID. I am not sure there is a 100% pure Mallard left in NA.
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