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  1. Probably one of my better Cape May Warbler shots a couple of days ago but no ratings. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/450015291
  2. Green Heron perhaps but no idea where the location is.
  3. My first impression was Hooded but the large bill, neck length, fairly minimal wispy crest and broad tail has me wondering about Red-breasted.
  4. Agree with Warbling Vireo and Willow/Alder.
  5. Agree with Barn - tail length and amount of orange underneath.
  6. Looks better for Least Sandpiper to me.
  7. Will have to pass on tail length for this one (is this unusual for start of breeding season?). There was an adjacent group of four Least all with tails.
  8. Apparently 1st year can have brown wings.
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