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  1. I'm not sure how a blotchy adult female can be eliminated, wouldn't an immature male have more red by June?
  2. IMO wings not narrow/pointed enough and tail not long/pointed enough for a cuckoo. If we keep eliminating species we can see what is left🙂.
  3. Southern Ontario yesterday. It was already fairly distant, flying away, carrying something which it eventually dropped. Just wondering what it might have been. Thanks.
  4. @Aidan B Not sure how reliable this is but Sibley shows a longer primary projection ,four feathers?, for the Brown-crested versus two feathers? for tne Ash-throated (like your bird which also has a very pale throat).
  5. Agree with Northern Rough-winged Swallow.
  6. No argument - I was in between, the eye ring looked bold but the GISS is probably better for Traill's.
  7. 1 and 3 Least Flycatcher. 2 Traill's (Alder may be correct, especially if you heard it). 4 Lincoln's Sparrow. 5 Can you lighten the photo?
  8. Agree with Great crested Flycatcher (pretty distinct profile).
  9. Agree with Pine Warbler (tail pattern for one).
  10. It looks like the beginning of May is the earliest normal arrival back in Illinois and then about five weeks before young birds would leave the nest so I think a juvenile is unlikely.
  11. Agree with 2nd cycle Ring-billed, although the legs do appear quite pink for the age.
  12. I agree with what Charlie said. I'm not sure of your location so don't know if it is early for oriole juveniles (it is here in Southern Ontario) but there are several species where the adults feed each other particularly during the breeding season - Waxwings do it a lot.
  13. First Limpkin eBird record for Canada (first record ever for Ontario). Found by the daughter of a local birder who had seen them in Florida, same location as the Wagtail a few weeks ago. Failed to get a look at it yesterday after trudging through foot deep mucky swamp for some time but did manage to completely submerge my camera.
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