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  1. Looks like quite a good match to me (except long way south) and maybe a dark "Lesser" would fit the range better. I won't say the word "hybrid", oops I did. I was really just giving this a bump and hopefully an expert will take a look.
  2. ... but no blue feet CharliešŸ˜€
  3. Thanks @akiley, much appreciated. That's what I thought, it just seemed much lighter than the ones I typically see, but only just starting to learn gulls.
  4. Southern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron on Nov. 18, 2019. Not sure about this one. Thanks.
  5. Maybe immature Eurasian Blackbirds? London parks are fun - you never know what you will find.
  6. I am very much persuaded by @Kingfisher, for this one but great find by @Corey, and nice images. Just a little jealous, nothing in my neighbourhood at the moment.
  7. I just tried to find your location, but no clues - I was thinking it might be possible to join you for dinner - that is a good looking "Ovenbird". Agree with your sentiment about this site so will add my thanks to the many great contributors. Happy Thanksgiving.
  8. Still can't figure out how to insert dialogue between images!! Image 1 - always, always sleep with one eye open. Image 2 - the Merganser on the right is definitely guilty of some kind of offense. Just what I came across today.
  9. Hooded Merganser yesterday. Maybe this is where the expression "crestfallen" comes from?
  10. Found the Ring-necked Duck image (definitely not happy with me grabbing a paparazzi shot). Anyone else?
  11. I had never seen a Bufflehead out of the water until this morning (but probably not been paying attention). I also recently spotted a Ring-necked Duck standing on a rock. They definitely look a little different out of their natural environment. Just wondered if anyone else had any unusual "duck out of water" photos (excluding Mallards etc.). Just a thought.
  12. This is Watson, officially named today (two years of winter residency, especially when he should not be here, brings entitlement to a name). This is by far the earliest arrival - arrived with a female Wood Duck but has ditched her and gone back to his more typical girlfriend, a female Mallard (sticks to her like glue). A real character and local celebrity.
  13. Oh no, major disappointment - I was starting to get quite excited by this one (I've found nothing myself recently). However, the Dark juvenile in Sibley, at rest and "kiting", seems to fit (a central/west USA Red-tail colour thing?). I'm not giving up hope though.
  14. Yes, I've been keeping an eye on Hamilton and Niagara for a while, would make a nice little trip for Gull hunting - maybe early December.
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