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  1. Common Redpolls are living up to their name at the moment.
  2. I think juvenile Northern Harriers can look quite menacing!!
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback, much appreciated.
  4. Possibly. I looked at some hybrid photos - Mallard and Wigeon seemed the most common partners. I'll see if anyone else has any ideas.
  5. Southern Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) this morning. Just wondering if this Gadwall has a touch of something else in its genes. The body looks normal but the head has a more distinct pattern than usual. Poor image as it was snowing and I only had my compact camera. Thanks.
  6. No doubt about which Teal these are.
  7. Some days you just take what you can get. OTOH this was the most approachable Coot I have come across (probably typical in other areas).
  8. Blackburnian Warbler. Status - we've got about thirty of the 54? NA species. It's going to get interesting now (I had about twenty and I think they're all included).
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