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  1. Thanks @The Bird Nuts Feeling a little sheepish, should have known it was not Olive-sided as I have been seeing one recently and always up high (I put it down to information overload, too many new species to absorb in too short a time, but lots of fun). Thanks @Melierax. However I don't know where to go from here - the only Flycatcher (other than Kingbird or Phoebe) seen at this location and only at this specific time of year is Willow and I did not hear the song. This has possibly/probably been discussed a little in the past but it seems counter productive (at least to me) to lose all the data associated with the two species generically classified as Traill's - but too much other information to absorb to get side tracked. I was surprised to see Red-eyed Vireos actively building nests today when Cowbirds, Grackles and Starlings have the juveniles trailing behind. Thanks again.
  2. I just checked my local area and the Yellow-billed is much less common than the Black-billed so I will have to try harder.
  3. Thanks @hbvol50 For some reason it didn't seem to match a Phoebe. I seem to see a white eye ring (which I think some Phoebes have) and some white in front of the eye plus much browner than what I usually see. Possibly the lighting. Thanks again for the input.
  4. Southern Ontario this morning. I think it fits Olive-sided except upper parts seem quite brown so maybe something else? Thanks.
  5. Thanks @akandula I was beginning to think Black-billed, but a new one for me.
  6. Southern Ontario last week. I thought at first this was a Thrasher but maybe Cuckoo is a better bet? I'd just been to a classic car show so had the wrong camera/lens combo (original plus crop). Thanks.
  7. Southern Ontario lake shore this morning. Flew off quickly with only enough time to grab some terrible shots (first two definitely the same bird but the third is when it reappeared high overhead a few minutes later so possibly a different bird). I assumed initially it was a Killdeer but the tail looks different, so perhaps something else? Thanks.
  8. I think it is a juvenile Cowbird, possibly separated from it's family.
  9. Is it an optical illusion or my eyesight (or molting) that the white stripe seems to run in the wrong direction?
  10. I agree with these IDs and also the last sentence (I have never seen a Carolina Wren but looks good). The last photo is a Marsh Wren (I have seen a lot of them).
  11. Tied at four each. Therefore my deciding vote is for Downy - the back lighting is making the spots on the tail difficult to see but they are there and the bill length is OK. OTOH...................
  12. Thanks Jerry. I had the same thought as you for the bird on the right - just a gut reaction, but then thought it was a strange combination as there was absolutely nothing else out there. Can't argue with the Scaup ID, just thought I could see a hint of a band on the tip of the bill. I just checked my map for reference, the tip of Georgian Bay (my location) is 1/6th of the South (same latitude as Northern California) to North (James Bay) distance for Ontario so definitely qualifies as South Ontario!! Thanks again.
  13. Southern Ontario (south Georgian Bay) today. I just checked eBird and for this location at this time very little duck action - Mergansers and the end of sightings for Redheads and Long Tailed. Spotted these two quite a way offshore so terrible photos. I think the one on the right is a lost cause but the one on the left may be possible. My thought is Ring-necked. PS. In forty years I have never seen the water so high (strong onshore breeze) although we have not reached the 1986 level. As always, all suggestions appreciated.
  14. Or second year (I only recently delved into this terminology and got thoroughly confused). Here are my photos from a few days ago for comparison. (Really just bumping this as I have been having a very tough time with Flycatchers and hoping to see some responses).
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