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  1. Agree with Dark-eyed Junco, a female Slate-colored. I don't think there is enough pink on the flanks or black on the lores for Pink-sided, but I don't know much about sub-species. Maybe one of the west coasters will comment.
  2. I see Great Egrets almost daily and this doesn't look quite right (wing shape, leg length, maybe bill size but tough to see). I have very limited experience with Tricolored but maybe a better fit (last photo seems to show a darker head and chest).
  3. One of my many favourite birds so tough to choose (avoiding those with prey). A poorer quality shot, I just like it.
  4. This should be the model for an ID request. I think the throat is actually yellow but tough to see and in the second photo I believe the black section under the end of the tail is visible. Tough to argue with your ID of Magnolia Warbler, first winter female.
  5. Southern Ontario yesterday. Third bird from left, upper. Dark brown head, black bill, yellow eye, blue (or green perhaps) secondaries. Appeared to be smaller than adjacent Mallards and Black Duck, larger than the Green-winged Teal below it. I thought it was a Redhead at the time. There is only one gap to see into this lagoon shooting through tall waving reeds, windy of course, and the birds were about 200m away. I may be missing the obvious as I'm out of practise with winter ducks. Thanks.
  6. Does the wing and tail pattern (large black and white band) suggest a pale Broad-winged?
  7. Southern Ontario this morning. I walked a section of freshwater dunes this morning looking for late shorebirds. This was one of the very few small birds in the area, I feel I should definitely recognize it but......... Brief distant flyby so poor photo. Last second inspiration - Pipit (only seen a couple). Thanks.
  8. Agree. For me it is the overall colour tone, no white at base of bill and no suggestion of eye arcs.
  9. Neat encounter with some Peregrine Falcons a couple of days ago. https://ebird.org/checklist/S119085110
  10. All the things mentioned above, especially the wing bars, plus your first bird is in the correct location - the highest spot available.
  11. Just a bump (all I can say is that it looks like a juvenile).
  12. I think it is an accipiter, probably a Sharpie based on the colour of the streaking, but perhaps best left as unidentified.
  13. Good tip although you have to be looking at the left side of the bird for it to work 😉. BTW the articular (presumed typo) is the same location as the auricular (and the foot).
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