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  1. They were reported previously as Lesser but...... I can always go with a / if I have to.
  2. Southern Ontario today. Scaup have been "late" birds for a couple of weeks - fairly sure this is a Lesser pair (female for sure and the male had been diving, they appeared to be about the same size). Don't want to give the reviewer a hard time. Thanks.
  3. My daughter-in-law in a week or so, but unfortunately she's not a birder (going with a friend to deliver a pure bred dog!!!). I'm leaning Chuck-w-w.
  4. That was my other thought, GISS and face markings, but couldn't see any tail banding. Thanks.
  5. Southern Ontario today. Just a pale one (patagials)? Thanks.
  6. Looks better for a muted Hermit with a faint eye ring (tail is often not distinctly reddish) to me, plumage too warm for Gray-cheeked.
  7. Agree with Yellow Warbler but I think I see a hint of reddish streaking so....
  8. Besides the typical plumage Rock Pigeons come in a variety of colours. One of our local colonies has a completely white one and another one mostly white. However I'm not sure if the pinkish (typically grey) bill, with a normal white cere, of your bird goes with the white plumage or suggests leucism. Best I can do.
  9. Thanks everyone. Pewees have only been back a day or two so went with that initially, but looking closer changed my mind. Only the third sighting for a very heavily birded location.
  10. Southern Ontario yesterday. Completely backlit at the time. Thanks.
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