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  1. Red-breasted Merganser maybe (eye colour) covered in oil? Definitely in distress and probably not a happy outcome. Very sad.
  2. See seven posts above ( I have no self control). I thought I would get in before you did but seems there was no need 🙂.
  3. Unfortunately this may be the case. Because our eyes adjust to the ambient lighting it is not always apparent how dark it is in the morning and evening. The smaller the sensor the worse the performance in low lighting. The move to higher MP sensors, reducing the size of the pixels, also doesn't help as big pixels are better for light gathering. I'm a little surprised your maximum ISO setting is 3200 although 6400 would probably be the practical limit anyway, but this would give you 1/125 in your example, possibly enough to give you a usable photo, certainly for ID purposes. Good luck with your testing. I think you are on the right track and finding the limitations of the camera (which cannot be over ridden by the mode selection). You can't fight physics. @Kevin, I know, I know!! PS. Happy Fourth of July to those south of the border.
  4. I can see you, can you see me? Eastern Screech-Owl at sunset yesterday (ISO 51,200).
  5. Some days it's just one thing after another!! Not sure what caused the first thing but fairly sure it wasn't moulting.
  6. You got me interested Connor and I was wondering why it would be rare in this location. Sibley shows this area comfortably in range, but not too common. eBird gives me this 👇: Did you have a filter on?
  7. Territorial dispute this morning - the last time this happened it resulted in a significant loss of plumage for one of them.
  8. Southern Georgian Bay yesterday. Distant so heavy crop. Thanks.
  9. If anyone is still interested I've added the first sighting photo (part shadow) which had me leaning towards female. Also just found and processed a more recent one (daylight) which backs up the thoughts of von Humboldt. As Benjamin says the lighting makes quite a difference. Also agree, and possibly the best clue, that the males are typically found together now, so "male". Thanks for the input.
  10. Thanks. I was between Purple and Cliff and the chunky looking body steered me towards Cliff.
  11. I think I must have juvenile bird fever/confusion - I thought the yellow around the bill (gape?) was more distinct than normal for an adult and they were both more approachable than usual. Thanks.
  12. Southern Ontario this morning. Different birds - are they both juveniles (didn't see any adults)? Thanks.
  13. Southern Ontario this morning. Thanks. PS. Not sure if site is broken so a bit of a test.
  14. Southern Georgian Bay this morning. We have one of the relatively few Black Ducks still here in the area, hanging out with a male Mallard. I had previously identified it as a female based on what I think is an olive bill but another local birder suggested it is a male (definitely the same bird in question). Subtle colour differences are not my strong point so it would be good to clear this up. Thanks.
  15. A good landing but not a great landing. Juvenile Chickadee a couple of days ago.
  16. It shouldn't matter how you upload the image as the quality will be the same as the source image. It might be better to transfer directly from your computer rather than from a social media intermediate site which could possibly degrade your image but unlikely to be an issue (social media not my area of expertise). Your image looks fine on my desktop monitor - the focus point may be slightly in front of the bird but you can probably check this with editing software (this is available on Nikon s/w and I think one of the free ones, maybe FastStone). Nice shot (all out of likes again).
  17. Hyphenated commas, so not actually walking. They said it is fairly content looking out of the window at home and being in the yard but seems to enjoy new scenery so they regularly take it to different locations. I was impressed by their approach, but always had mixed feelings about cage birds. They also said it is very empathetic and seems to sense the mood of the room or individuals. These birds always appear so intelligent when you see them up close.
  18. Black-crowned Night Heron this morning (don't seem to be as many around this year) and sticking with a slower shutter (1/500 here) for BIF whenever I can.
  19. Southern Georgian Bay this morning. My very first encounter with a Blue-headed Pionus Parrot on my favourite local trail. If it is in a cage I suspect it not not acceptable to eBird. A couple "walking" their parrot in a cage using a shoulder harness (had to back up quite a bit just to get the head). The bird seemed extremely happy listening to the various bird calls - Green Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron, Least Bittern, Blue Heron, Egrets, Marsh Wrens, Kingfishers, Red-winged etc. all in the background. Just caught my attention and thought one or two here might appreciate this in these crazy times (but I've been wrong before, actually quite often, we'll see).
  20. Thanks Benjamin, very much appreciated.
  21. Southern Ontario this morning. Not improving much with shorebirds and didn't get much of a look at this one. Thanks.
  22. Thanks Akandula - looks like another good resource.
  23. Southern Ontario yesterday. I suspect the downy tuft is either missing or been flattened. Only a slight hint of black spots on the side of the tail feathers but clear spotting on the underside of the tail (does this qualify the same?) Thanks.
  24. Black-capped Chickadee juvenile two days ago.
  25. Welcome back @Tony Leukering, delighted to have you back.
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