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  1. Darn it, should know that by now. Thanks.
  2. Southern Ontario today. I was thinking Lincoln's (streaked buffy breast) but for the yellow patch over the eye. Thanks.
  3. Agreed but I had one recently where the bill was an in-betweener and wondered if the projecting feet is a reliable ID characteristic.
  4. Does Lesser always have the feet projecting more beyond the tail than Greater?
  5. I guess I'm in the minority. They look like Ruddy Ducks to me - short squat bodies, dark caps, horizontal stripe across the face, upturned tail and white rear end. I've learned to ignore perception of size in photos.
  6. I followed up with a quick eBird search - September sightings for the county quite sparse and almost no backup photos (not just me that finds fall warblers a challenge, to identify and photograph). I did find this one with photos (a posting of an experienced local birder) which seems a decent match. https://ebird.org/canada/checklist/S73260716 I've added it to my list with a photo so if anyone disagrees that's fine.
  7. Thanks, my thought was Blackpoll also (the yellowish appearing underparts are probably early morning reflections) but not that common at this location and my first sighting so worth getting backup. Thanks again.
  8. The Snapper hatchlings are finally on the move today (it was a late Spring). Snapping Turtles are "of concern in Ontario" and I read 1,400 eggs are required to replace one adult.
  9. Southern Ontario yesterday. Having trouble deciding on this one, the early morning lighting may, or may not, be a factor. Pretty sure this was the same bird. Thanks.
  10. For blackburnian to confirm a Blackburnian, not for Laura to find one πŸ™‚.
  11. It was just a question of time!! Agree with Blackburnian ( a young one).
  12. It was mentioned recently that Pacific Hairy can have tail spots. Even if the bird is moulting that's a hefty bill.
  13. I just love my tail, it's soooo pretty.
  14. Sunrise over Lake Huron a couple of mornings ago, I waited for the Mallards to fly in just for this thread. PS. Way too much talking here and not enough photos πŸ™‚.
  15. Another example of first instincts being correct. Thanks everyone.
  16. I thought about Yellow-bellied but it doesn't have the short legged, hunched up appearance and the bill looks too long.
  17. Southern Ontario this morning. Juvenile I think. My initial thought at the time was Least because of the fairly bold eye ring (although it does not appear to be complete) and the narrow tail. However the bill appears too large so leaning Traill's. Thanks.
  18. Southern Ontario on May 16, 2020. I'm pretty sure this is the same bird in both photos and it is a Black-throated Green. Is the yellow back unusually bright? Thanks.
  19. Aha, but not yellow. I could stretch to orangey brown for the mid section of the legs.. I think yellow in birding language is sometimes code for not blackπŸ™‚.
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