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  1. Just checked and quite rare for October north of Toronto.
  2. Sorry, not sure what this means. I see Scaup almost daily throughout the winter but they still give me trouble. Saw a group today and two of them were problematic.
  3. I saw that but my guides show a much thinner bill for AMGP so I wasn't sure, I've only seen a few. Rare for this time of year so subject to review. Much appreciated.
  4. That's what I was thinking but the bill seems more Black-bellied structure. Darn shorebirds!!
  5. Southern Ontario a few days ago. I had posted these birds as Greater, although I did hesitate a little at the time. I bumped into a fellow local birder today, far more knowledgeable than me. He said he had seen my post but was leaning to Lesser, partly for the barring, but mostly on experience. Shortly after thinking I had got the hang of Scaup a couple of years ago I realized I wasn't even close - some are straightforward, many not so much. Interested in opinions from those very experienced with the species. Tony L. is still missed. Thanks.
  6. Southern Ontario today. Shorebirds are still a work in progress. Fairly sure these were all juvenile Black-bellied today (famous last words) but... Photo 1. Three BBPL with a GRYE. Almost certain (heavy bill and white belly) but wings appear long. Photo 2. Again reasonably sure it is a BBPL (unless AMGP can have a heavier bill) but streaking extends to UnTC. If I could not see the bill is there a way to differentiate with AMGP. Basically asking, other than bill structure and belly streaking, what ID features are available. Thanks.
  7. Good point, but isn't the back too brown. I think Yellow-rumped is probably safe.
  8. Vague spotting and not much of an eye ring (could be the photo), but the back does not look brown enough for a Veery. Decent patch of rufous on the flanks so probably Swainson's. Looking again there probably are spectacles. Mainly a bump to get some other opinions.
  9. Agree, the mask was more developed and obvious on the immature males I've seen recently.
  10. It wouldn't qualify here in Ontario, has to have the very stubby bill and a steep forehead. Often see similar birds half the size of adjacent Canada but........
  11. Still struggling with sparrows. This one has a fairly bold eye ring, crisp white edges on wings, very white malar, no tuft/crest on head and white outer tail feathers (as does a western Savannah). What points to Savannah?
  12. Agree with Dark-eyed Junco, a female Slate-colored. I don't think there is enough pink on the flanks or black on the lores for Pink-sided, but I don't know much about sub-species. Maybe one of the west coasters will comment.
  13. I see Great Egrets almost daily and this doesn't look quite right (wing shape, leg length, maybe bill size but tough to see). I have very limited experience with Tricolored but maybe a better fit (last photo seems to show a darker head and chest).
  14. One of my many favourite birds so tough to choose (avoiding those with prey). A poorer quality shot, I just like it.
  15. This should be the model for an ID request. I think the throat is actually yellow but tough to see and in the second photo I believe the black section under the end of the tail is visible. Tough to argue with your ID of Magnolia Warbler, first winter female.
  16. Southern Ontario yesterday. Third bird from left, upper. Dark brown head, black bill, yellow eye, blue (or green perhaps) secondaries. Appeared to be smaller than adjacent Mallards and Black Duck, larger than the Green-winged Teal below it. I thought it was a Redhead at the time. There is only one gap to see into this lagoon shooting through tall waving reeds, windy of course, and the birds were about 200m away. I may be missing the obvious as I'm out of practise with winter ducks. Thanks.
  17. Does the wing and tail pattern (large black and white band) suggest a pale Broad-winged?
  18. Southern Ontario this morning. I walked a section of freshwater dunes this morning looking for late shorebirds. This was one of the very few small birds in the area, I feel I should definitely recognize it but......... Brief distant flyby so poor photo. Last second inspiration - Pipit (only seen a couple). Thanks.
  19. Agree. For me it is the overall colour tone, no white at base of bill and no suggestion of eye arcs.
  20. Neat encounter with some Peregrine Falcons a couple of days ago. https://ebird.org/checklist/S119085110
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