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  1. Thanks @pictaker. I suspect everyone was suggesting the same age, but in slightly different ways. I have been trying to get more detail into my eBird reports, including age when possible, but haven't quite figured out the conventions. I find it easier to work in calendar years so using this bird as an example and assuming we are correct I would use Y3 (3rd calendar year) but I'm not sure what is the commonly accepted descriptor. I don't like tagging folk here but as an exception I will ask @DLecy for guidance.
  2. Southern Ontario today. The first photo is what got my attention, the second is an extreme crop of the first photo and it flew off before I could get a decent look. Minimal markings apparent on the belly, UnTC and tail - just the white on its back and white throat which together with the generally brown colouring suggests Red-tailed. Any hawk is uncommon at this location (ten total reports for a Red-tailed, less for others), maybe because of the reception, but limited choices at this time of year. Thanks
  3. The nape is the back of the neck, same for people, so in Cooper's the nape should be a lighter colour(emphasizing the dark cap).
  4. Content warning - deceased racoon. Came across this yesterday. I'm not sure if it succumbed to the cold (a few very chilly days recently) or it has been stashed for a future meal, eagle territory - do eagles and/or hawks do this?
  5. Found a Snowy yesterday (fairly common locally) but not the Golden Eagle I had hoped for.
  6. Male Cooper's? (distinct horizontal line across the head, grey cheek and somewhat rounded tail).
  7. Young Herring have a dark eye but would look much darker overall, have more black on the tail and legs would not be as pink. I think you are correct with Ring-billed, 1st winter I believe, but wait for someone better with gulls than me. Nice photo.
  8. I think these are fine for a Coop - those of a Sharpie often look like pins, out of scale with the feet, as @meghann said. Is it just the male that has a grey cheek, so this would be an adult female? I wasn't 100% sure on this one so just did a search and found this. https://www.reddit.com/r/birding/comments/gqfzrd/oc_sexing_coopers_hawks/
  9. Is it better for starting its 3rd year - white starting to show on the face to form an eye stripe and not much white left on its belly? I've just recently been trying to age Eagles.
  10. Agree with Bald Eagle and probably a juvenile (dark belly and not a lot of white below).
  11. Locally (an inland water body so probably not relevant to your location) it would be unusual for a raft that size to be just one species, almost always mixed aythya often with others such as Goldeneye, Bufflehead. They all appear to be Scaup but there could be Ring-necked in the mix. It seems Greater and Lesser are equally likely for your location (you could check eBird reports to see what others reported - I had a very quick look and didn't see any with flocks that size) but if you got a decent look and are comfortable with Lesser then why not report as such, if you didn't already.
  12. @RJĶIt's better to start a new thread for a new bird.
  13. Apparently it is possible for a female Common to have an all yellow bill and a female Barrow's to have a black bill with a yellow tip ( I have seen a Common with a mostly yellow bill and have a photo somewhere, similar to the one posted above by @Clip). This Sibley article is worth a read, with a reference to Tony L, and covers some of the more commonly used ID features eg. bill size less helpful (they overlap) than shape (curve of the lower bill and other aspects). https://www.sibleyguides.com/2010/01/distinguishing-female-barrows-and-common-goldeneyes/ Is this one a young bird (dark eye) transitioning to adult with the bill changing from black to yellow. With just this one photo I would probably go with /.
  14. Plus: Pigeon Hawk - Merlin Chicken Hawk - Accipiters and Red-tailed Hawk. Duck Hawk - Peregrine Falcon What can I say - it's snowing heavily.
  15. A follow-up to the recent thread. One disadvantage of Nikon cameras compared to Canon and probably many other brands is that file numbering only goes to 10,000 and then re-starts with the potential for duplication. I use different bodies but as an example for my D7500 I change the initial characters DSC to 750. When I hit 7509999 I rename to 751 and so on. No duplication, I know which camera body I used and how many total images I've taken to date (my last photo yesterday was 7536685 so 46,685), all from the file number. PS. There are other ways to check the total shutter count of a camera, this is just a bonus.
  16. I've yet to see a Broad-winged perched, usually migrating through.
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