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  1. This morning - Ring-necked Ducks (showing the effects on plumage of foraging location?).
  2. Nice list, especially the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, presumably uncommon/rare?
  3. ........... and the two immediately before this post of yours, much appreciated.
  4. You are looking at it correctly (an embarrassing senior moment - mergansers fly by me almost daily, long story) and pointed out by others yesterday. Those responses were removed by @Kevin but he didn't delete the original post - could you Kevin?
  5. Agree with Red-breasted (head profile - square with steep forehead and the long thin upturned bill, the neck line is less distinct in the last photo).
  6. A brief period of sun yesterday before the cold front arrived.
  7. The bird (a gull) is in the centre of the rainbow. A cold front moved in yesterday, when it arrived (second photo with Goldeneye) there was an instantaneous temp. drop of 7C, very dramatic. It went from 11C yesterday morning to -11C last night.
  8. Any photos with a front view? Discounting hybrid 🙂 I'm edging to Tundra (gap in front of eye, shape of bill line and peak on head most obvious in first photo) versus size of bill, it is quite large (better for Trumpeter). I would probably go with a / for this one personally.
  9. Agree with Common Loon (flat topped head and chunky bill).
  10. I'm sure I saw this when I first joined eBird but had forgotten about the watermark warning (1-4 star deduction!!!). Mine is fairly unobtrusive (depending on the background) and interestingly eBird is still using one of my photos in their species description, with the watermark. I was going to mention it to some local eBirder/photographers who have quite prominent watermarks. Edited and posted some photos today, example below (age?), and forgot to remove the watermark again (may need a separate eBird export format).
  11. There was also a photo of the whole bird, this was just meant as a close up view of the head. Oh dear, had forgotten or wasn't aware of this - I see lots of local eBird photo posts with watermarks so I'll mention it to them. Thanks.
  12. I've been getting some odd ratings recently, today was an example. GWTE is rare currently - as soon as I added this photo for review purposes it immediately got a 3 star rating.Out of interest I deleted and posted again - same rating immediately, not sure what to think, maybe 3 is correct. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/615264871
  13. I don't think the wings are pointed enough for a Goshawk.
  14. I think so, I've been told they are not uncommon and under reported. Maybe @Jerry Friedman, and we have someone from Michigan with some experience, possibly @chipperatl ?
  15. Looks like a non-breeding plumaged Red-throated to me (long neck, round head, fairly small bill, amount of white on neck and head). I think I've only seen one from about 200m, so more opinions hopefully.
  16. Northern Pintails posing yesterday, but male on full alert.
  17. From my last outing a few days ago. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/614893539
  18. Came across this one while photo culling, male on right may be immature (November a little late for moulting)?
  19. A few days ago this female spent quite a long time enticing the male, he eventually got the message.
  20. Came across this one during my culling, I like the nautical setting. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/614335872
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