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  1. That checklist (with nice photos) is pretty definitive and now I know what "setting up shop" means.
  2. Georgian Bay this morning. Second guessing myself with the second bird. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I think it is a juvenile Bald Eagle but wait for more expert opinions.
  4. This should definitely be a sub-species in eBird, I would be using it a lot. (Sorry about the slow response, fighting off this bug that is doing the rounds, yesterday was not a fun day).
  5. Sorry about that, I posted here thinking I was in Lifers and tried to delete the whole post (so I could then post in Lifers) however the image still appears on my desktop, but not on tablet/phone.
  6. I was doing OK until Prothonotary (had heard it pronounced correctly but still thought I was right, oh well). If you look up Scaup pronunciation there are all of the versions, I am sticking with the majority here (I have enough problems with Greater versus Lesser to be too concerned).
  7. Hope you don't. I only visit a few forums on a regular basis, being an old fogie, but this is probably the best I have found for mutual respect. Please keep posting.
  8. Rough-winged Gadwall? No de-icing crew available and flight surfaces may be temporarily affected so all departures delayed (the hanging lump of ice a major potential impact on aerodynamics). The male (and female) both appear to have frozen to the ice overnight. No immediate danger and milder temperatures imminent. PS. Re. the last post - I am a big fan of Linda (wonderful person) and can recommend the recent CNN documentary.
  9. I tried to enhance the image (doesn't help), even had a look at Palo Pinto to see what should be around (didn't help but interesting). it's raining here so...... Decided Eagle/Vulture hybrid, but leaning Bald Eagle despite the long fingers. I suppose we need a few more guesses before Kevin will cough up the answer.
  10. It's not just geographic variation - even in the same small area they can vary tremendously (a bit like the Herrings mentioned the other day), all just to confuse the beginners even more.
  11. Good possibility - this Peregrine lives in a grain elevator with about 150 pigeons, although I watched it returning across the lake with this bird - it had to slow down several times to readjust its grip.
  12. .......does anyone want to have a shot at an ID of the Peregrine prey - not much to work with though!! Southern Georgian Bay this morning.
  13. Fantastic find but.... Not heard this one before...maybe a technical term....possibly related to.... Leave nothing but Footprints, OTOH I may just be jealous.
  14. Southern Georgian Bay yesterday. Terrible photo but is the shape of the wing good enough for an ID? Thanks.
  15. Mourning Dove versus White-crowned Sparrow. By far the most obvious difference is in the vocalizations, after that it gets trickier.
  16. I don't think you can do much better than this for a first post without a photo (other than -11C in Vancouver??). The links for colour characteristics are interesting.
  17. Thanks Tony, very much appreciated. First bird seemed somewhat more delicate with a smaller bill than the typical Herring, but I was not hopeful as I know they vary a lot. Second bird I was fairly sure but I always get confirmation for a new bird. Third bird puzzled me with the absence of real black in the primaries, maybe lighting, but again I was not too hopeful. Thanks again.
  18. Addendum. Coincidentally dpreview produced their review of this camera today (it takes them a while as they are usually very thorough). https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d3500-review
  19. Appears to be a Nikon D3500 Charlie, which has a very nice sensor but perhaps not the best for BIF.
  20. Southern Georgian Bay yesterday. Any suggestions/comments welcome. Thanks.
  21. Agree, and I like your recent additions (despite family restraints/complaints I managed to add a few of my old favourites back in July this year).
  22. Ouch, that hurts (only joking) and a response to Tony - two really nice looking adults (@akiley, I did reference the Glaucous in my original post), and yes I agree they are quite large, appeared around 7.00am this morning ahead of the impending ice storm here in Ontario, and they did actually raise my heartbeat - really gloomy morning but they were a very nice sight). For background I have been trying to get photos locally of an Iceland (hence my misplaced enthusiasm), a Lesser Black-backed and also some local Screech Owls (tried at 6.00am last week in the dark but no luck - this YT video has spurred me on to try harder. Please excuse the digression (I've been looking for an excuse to sneak this one in), but for me this is what birding is all about. I try to stick strictly to ID topics on this forum but now and again wander off course. Apologies.
  23. Not wishing to push my luck but I did read the pdf on Scaups you recently shared (I would suggest this is required reading), and have subsequently lost most of my faith in my Scaup ID skills (a good thing). I am now much more cautious about my eBird Scaup IDs. Does the top right bird in the first two photos suggest Lesser, or not identifiable - so Greater/Lesser?
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