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  1. Young Waxwings always appear quite comical to me plus they have absolutely no fear of people.
  2. Buried in another thread @Colorado Birder was good enough to provide a link to some useful pdf charts for warbler ID. - head, side and undertail. I hadn't seen these before and think they are really helpful so this is the link for anyone else who was not aware of them. https://dl.allaboutbirds.org/download_the_warbler_guide_quickfinders
  3. Thanks @Tony Leukering. This was an example of what you mentioned the other day. At the time , even though it was a few hundred metres away I immediately said to my friend that's a Peregrine, just based on its flight behaviour - it also made a dive after prey. Later because a Merlin had been seen in the area the previous day I talked myself out of it. Thanks @The Bird Nuts for mentioning the "cute" factor the other day for Philadelphia. It seems every photo I have of them they always look something like this one, definitely a useful tip not mentioned in the guides.
  4. Southern Ontario today. I'm leaning Philadelphia rather than Warbling, Nashville maybe but really not sure and probably Merlin - it was a long way off so extreme crop. Thanks.
  5. I did an internet search earlier but no high quality versions for this or similar charts. I'm debating spending the $40 Cdn for the book, seems to be the best warbler guide.
  6. Not a problem and I cropped it tighter so you could see them better. If you want the hills changed into mountains you will have to fly me over there but it is doable.
  7. Thanks Tony once again for the detailed response. The last paragraph is particularly interesting and matches my experience so far. Even as a relative beginner there are quite a few species I recognize with just a glance so this is not an ID process (I think I just repeated what you said). The rest will require lots of time to gain that same familiarity. Fortunately my favourite part of birding is observing them in action, I just wish I had got more serious about birding a little earlier.
  8. I have very little luck finding owls so was very happy to find my first Barred Owl today (bigger than I expected). It was under constant bombardment from a Blue Jay - almost got a photo of the Jay ruffling the feathers on the top of its head as it attacked.
  9. @Tony Leukering. Hate to be a pain but my guides suggest there should not be streaking on the flanks/side of belly and that undertail coverts should be buffy for a Bay-breasted. Is this a case of using the most significant characteristics and ignoring the minor conflicting ones? Alternatively is a hybrid a remote possibility? PS. I recently promised myself I would not ask follow-up questions and be content with getting an ID (so feel free to ignore this). Oh well!! PPS. I particularly liked your recent tips for using the clues to narrow down warbler IDs - I think guides should have more of this type of info. I'm surprised someone hasn't put together a spreadsheet/matrix along these lines.
  10. @Aaron. Just a very quick and dirty effort - not many pixels to work with so probably only good for a 4x6. I may prefer it with the buoys!!
  11. Southern Ontario today. I was initially thinking Bay-breasted, mainly because of the buffy flanks and strong wing bars but the streaking on the sides of the breast and the white undertail coverts say Blackpoll? Or maybe something completely different. Thanks. PS. I am fairly sure the two photos are the same bird.
  12. A bump for this one. I spent some time first thing this morning trying to figure it out. I was leaning to second year Double-crested (the only cormorant I am familiar with) but moved away for the reasons stated by the OP and started thinking hybrid (no idea how common this is). The white stripe at the base of the bill may be a red herring but appears to be at the wrong angle for Neotropic (should be more parallel to the bill?). Hoping someone more expert can shed some light.
  13. Does the short tail in the original photo support Philadelphia?
  14. Southern Georgian Bay this morning. Just wondering about the duck in the rear with a different wing pattern to the Blue-winged Teal. Green-winged Teal with white rather than buffy leading edge to the green/blue panel maybe. Thanks.
  15. Least Bittern this morning - showed no interest in relocating into the reeds and was still in the same spot when I moved on.
  16. That's what I thought but they looked Grosbeak size. Maybe the back lighting makes them look bigger. Thanks.
  17. Southern Ontario this morning. These birds appeared large. Thanks.
  18. Thanks, that was my thought - faint spectacles. I got a little excited as it appeared somewhat grey, but wishful thinking again.
  19. Southern Ontario this morning. Fairly deep in the undergrowth so poor photo. Thanks.
  20. Thanks Bird Nuts. The lack of yellow on the throat threw me (juvenile maybe or just the lighting) and I wasn't sure if the white on the undertail was bird or tree.
  21. Southern Ontario a few days ago. It's taking me a while to get back into Fall mode. Thanks.
  22. Thanks Tony, very much appreciated. I wasn't clear enough in my post that I was referring not just to the pale upper bill (which I do see now and again) but more the lack of red (or black) on the bill or perhaps it is just quite faint on this bird. I had thought Ring-billed because the bill didn't look hefty/rectangular enough for a Herring (maybe the angle) but you are saying that a Ring-billed will always have the ring and is not prone to the "pale tip" phenomena. Got it. Perhaps as a Herring moves from 3rd Winter/mid Summer plumage to full adult plumage there is minimal colour on the bill.
  23. I was at a location last week that was attracting a lot of traffic (very serious birders) for some uncommon shorebirds. I included this photo for the Great Blue in my posting. I suspect not every one appreciates my sense of humour (I only do it occasionally and always remove the photo later).
  24. Southern Ontario a couple of days ago. A gull happened to fly straight at me so I instinctively took a couple of photos. Afterwards I noticed the clear tip to the bill. I'm pretty sure this is just a Ring-billed? Does anyone know if this is just a fairly common occurrence - I've seen deformed bills before but not the colour variation. Just wondering if it has any other significance. Thanks.
  25. You must have seen my unedited version. I wondered about the size of the bill but I guess it is OK. Thanks again.
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