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  1. Agreed and very much appreciate the response (still learning) but I am puzzled by the amount of white on the head as I don't think this is lighting or artifacts. At this point I am going to bow out not so gracefully.
  2. I am leaning strongly towards the former (the variations for Mallard transgressions is bewildering) but if you are familiar with my posting history you will know to wait for the more experienced.
  3. Corey - that is spectacular, although I feel a little sorry for the mouse.
  4. Same problem for a local hotspot and eventually found out there is one location where the fence has been "lowered" (had to quiz a number of local birders to eventually get the answer). The first visit was a complete waste of time - but then again no-one said birding wasn't a challenge.
  5. Thanks Ethan, very much appreciated (I suspected the low temps were a factor - they were around a few weeks ago and then mostly disappeared). PS. If you are up this way, either with or without DT, I would be happy to tag along. Regards.
  6. Southern Georgian Bay this pm. The modest number of Great Black-backed Gulls is a high count for my local site (sudden low temps probably brought them in). I also see my infamous Glaucous located centre slightly right. Other than Herrings is there anything else of interest. I am losing all faith in my very limited gull ID skills (only for those losing the enthusiasm to go out birding in the cold weather). Thanks, as always.
  7. @Tony Leukering. Just wondering if you meant to say Ring-necked. Very much appreciate all your recent input, the gulls in particular for me. Regards.
  8. Thanks @akiley.Is this what is known as wishful thinking? Same bird but probably shadow or artifacts.
  9. Very much appreciated ( I've been trying to spot an Iceland at this location for some time but was pretty sure this was not it). Thanks for the confirmation (I think!!).
  10. Southern Georgian Bay this morning. Not too many local sightings so want to be sure. Thanks.
  11. The bad news - unfortunately did not have time to switch focus distance setting from "limited" to "full" so all my shots were slightly OOF. The good news - Winter Wrens are quite rare this far north in January (two are even better).
  12. Back off boys, I saw her first!! One from this morning (not sure about the tails, I looked up courtship display and it wasn't mentioned).
  13. I vote Cooper's based on flat head and large bill, but convincing arguments on both sides. When do we count the votes?
  14. @Tony Leukering. Your detailed, informative response is very much appreciated.
  15. ....and there's always one member of the family who wants to go in a different direction.
  16. Thanks Alex. It's the very pale immature birds (with no adult plumage showing) that keep grabbing my attention, they really stand out in the crowd.
  17. November, 2019 - Southern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. Just starting to get the hang of gulls. Thanks.
  18. I agree with Charlie on this one - I find many of the warblers are much, much more difficult. Kinglets are one of my favourite birds and will usually come really close. This is a shot that I like, just for @birdgurl. A Kinglet with major attitude.
  19. Was hoping others would offer an opinion. Not disagreeing with the comments above but what caught my attention were the Sibley notes for juveniles: Trumpeter - bill always black at the base Tundra - bill pink at base becoming black Any other thoughts?
  20. Struggled to pick a favourite. Wonderful list with some amazing names.
  21. Unfortunately, we lost our snow this year so this is one from last Christmas, the local park. Also a local Snowy Owl.
  22. One from yesterday - the easy part was catching the fish.
  23. Fake Heron? - following up on the "fake owl" thread in the main forum. Spotted this character today - at first glance I thought Green Heron!!, at this time of year? Absolutely motionless for about a minute, so then thought it is probably a piece of driftwood. Fooled again. Saw five or six muskrats enjoying the sunny weather but this was the only one doing a Heron impersonation.
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