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  1. I agree with Charlie on this one - I find many of the warblers are much, much more difficult. Kinglets are one of my favourite birds and will usually come really close. This is a shot that I like, just for @birdgurl. A Kinglet with major attitude.
  2. Was hoping others would offer an opinion. Not disagreeing with the comments above but what caught my attention were the Sibley notes for juveniles: Trumpeter - bill always black at the base Tundra - bill pink at base becoming black Any other thoughts?
  3. Struggled to pick a favourite. Wonderful list with some amazing names.
  4. Unfortunately, we lost our snow this year so this is one from last Christmas, the local park. Also a local Snowy Owl.
  5. One from yesterday - the easy part was catching the fish.
  6. Fake Heron? - following up on the "fake owl" thread in the main forum. Spotted this character today - at first glance I thought Green Heron!!, at this time of year? Absolutely motionless for about a minute, so then thought it is probably a piece of driftwood. Fooled again. Saw five or six muskrats enjoying the sunny weather but this was the only one doing a Heron impersonation.
  7. Not quite so dramatic but still very eye catching - just the sunrise reflecting on the windows of the one building across the (ice frozen) lake. Only had a prime lens (630mm equivalent) on my camera so could not get a wide angle perspective which would have been much better. Another version below.
  8. Second one from this morning, probably not quite a landscape ......-15C (a little chilly for mid December here) but a wonderful experience.
  9. Had not noticed this thread until now so added a couple from this morning. This one seemed to have a real Christmas feel to it (despite a number of editing attempts I have failed to capture the true magic of this one).
  10. Don't feel too bad @Shellwake (as I suspect you are going to be disappointed, but perhaps not?). I took several photos of one last winter (quite distant and in a snowstorm) but afterwards I remembered there was a decoy in that particular location. They should definitely have "decoy" written on them in large letters as I don't think it would change how effective they are.
  11. I agree that the base of the bill appears somewhat heavy although my older Sibley says Slaty-backed has a thinner bill than Western. I suspect Glaucous-winged x Western is probably correct but this is my first year for serious gull IDs so hopefully @akiley or someone similarly experienced will help out. Just a long winded bump.
  12. FWIW - a very quick enhancement of an extreme original crop. I suspect @HamRHead is correct (but don't see many Mockingbirds in my neighbourhood).
  13. Apologies if this has been done before and it will probably/undoubtedly only have interest for the "old timers". I have been searching for this photo for some time (years rather than months - I have a closet absolutely full of boxes of negatives, slides and prints spanning fifty years which are a little less organized than my digital images), but today after a determined effort I found it. I think the importance for me is that this is when my interest in birds (and photography) started. I believe the bird is a juvenile European Blackbird (we had a nest in the garden or back yard in the north-east of England) and this particular youngster would feed from my hand on a daily basis (I didn't know any better). Equipment: Kodak Brownie Ilford Panchromatic HP3 Hypersensitive film (text on the negatives but no date!!) Date: late 50s, maybe 1960 at the latest as I moved on to 35mm at this time. A milestone for me but I suspect a little boring for others (the local South Georgian Bay landscape froze overnight so limited options today). Really just wondering if anyone else has something similar, yes I know, a bit of a stretch!! Just a thought.
  14. @TexasCobra and @Seattle. A little confused but I think the former is in the limelight. Never quite sure about the protocol for "dedicated threads" but had to say congratulations, this is a big deal. I only had a brief experience of the show dog world in the 80s and it is tough. We acquired a Bearded Collie from a top Canadian breeder (Classical Highland Princess - worth it just for the name), she would never have done well in shows but a great dog. Then we took over a male (Merlin) who had it all - excellent conformance and was born for the show ring - we got some points but .........understandingly you have to dedicate yourself to the show world and it is a massive commitment. So well done. PS. I can't remember the last time I saw a Bouvier locally, a little sad.
  15. Looks like quite a good match to me (except long way south) and maybe a dark "Lesser" would fit the range better. I won't say the word "hybrid", oops I did. I was really just giving this a bump and hopefully an expert will take a look.
  16. ... but no blue feet CharliešŸ˜€
  17. Thanks @akiley, much appreciated. That's what I thought, it just seemed much lighter than the ones I typically see, but only just starting to learn gulls.
  18. Southern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron on Nov. 18, 2019. Not sure about this one. Thanks.
  19. Maybe immature Eurasian Blackbirds? London parks are fun - you never know what you will find.
  20. I am very much persuaded by @Kingfisher, for this one but great find by @Corey, and nice images. Just a little jealous, nothing in my neighbourhood at the moment.
  21. I just tried to find your location, but no clues - I was thinking it might be possible to join you for dinner - that is a good looking "Ovenbird". Agree with your sentiment about this site so will add my thanks to the many great contributors. Happy Thanksgiving.
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