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  1. That's a useful one (even the same posture) - worth putting a copy in the "Comparisons" thread?
  2. I seldom do this and only when I am 100% confident (a fairly short list of birds in this category). I wonder whether they should always be reported as "heard" - some birders do and a lot don't. For those that do this a lot I guess it would be a bit of a chore. OTOH birds reported as seen without backup are possibly no more reliable (or perhaps they are). All down to the skill level of the observer. I "heard" a Least Bittern the other day that was tagged because of the time of year but was not accepted. The day before that I "saw" one at a different location, tagged also for the same reason, but was accepted with no backup.
  3. It is pretty much accepted that most, if not all, of the Ontario coyotes are a mix of Coyote and Grey Wolf. This was one of the largest I have seen recently and was the same size or possibly slightly larger than a German Shepherd. It was stalking around some sewage lagoons mid-morning so lots of good meals in the area. I think elsewhere in North America the coyotes are typically somewhat smaller and perhaps look less "wolf like" - but limited experience so maybe not.
  4. A very active wren deep in the undergrowth yesterday (ISO 18,000).
  5. A really good looking coyote from a couple of days ago. The size definitely supported the coyote/wolf supposition.
  6. Agree completely. I did a quick crop for those not inclined to follow your suggestion to zoom in (hope that's OK), but any likes should go above. I thought this thread had died an immediate death (didn't get any notifications and forgot to check back). All out of likes (again) so will follow up later. Oops, not sure the crop is helpful now I see it on screen.
  7. This is one of the reasons I was leaning to Alder. I guess the difference in primary projection between Traill's and Least can be subtle at times, bearing in mind that individual birds vary. The Leasts I have seen usually have a distinctly short projection (and the overall posture is often distinct, but not always). So much to learn, so little time.
  8. Two "baby photos" from yesterday plus Step 1 in making a baby (more intimate shots are available).
  9. Thanks Benjamin. I also seemed to recall something about short legs but maybe that was another species.
  10. Southern Ontario today. This one seemed to have a fairly short primary projection. Are there any other features suggesting Least? The eye ring also seems fairly bold. Thanks.
  11. Southern Ontario today. Not sure if these are the same bird or not. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Connor. I only got two shots of this pair, both from the back. All the other Vireos around were Warbling or Red-eyed so this is probably Warbling.
  13. Southern Ontario today. Thanks.
  14. Southern Ontario yesterday. Saw a lot of sparrows but all seemed to be Song. These two were the only ones that may not be - they were along the edge of a semi-cultivated field. Thanks.
  15. Thanks akandula. There were some others nearby.
  16. Southern Ontario today. The bird at the back. The head looks like a Gadwall but the rear end looks very light. Thanks.
  17. Yes, marsh environment with Song, Chipping and Swamp Sparrows in the same vicinity so Swamp is a good candidate. I did look at images for juvenile Swamp but this one looks much plainer on its back so I didn't consider it further. Possibly the early morning lighting.
  18. Just checked the County sightings - no Lincoln's since May (with May and September/October being prime time). I have enough trouble with adults so hopefully someone can pin it down, but probably a Song.
  19. Southern Ontario today. I suspect this is a juvenile, maybe Song (much more likely) or Lincoln's but maybe something else? Thanks.
  20. Southern Ontario this morning. Pretty sure this is a Vireo, nice blue feet, but wondering about the dark throat - juvenile or more likely a moulting characteristic (the head does look a bit raggedy)? My guides don't have much info. on juveniles but don't seem to show a dark throat. Thanks.
  21. Grebe wake riding (green reflected by the reeds and the birds stirring up the true water colour).
  22. Mallards in the evening light a couple of days ago.
  23. I acknowledge we are possibly getting too many sub-topics but I really like the photos that have something of interest as well as the bird. I'd like to see just a few before the thread dies. I know we have great photographers here, not just birders. I'll post a couple of recent ones as examples, not the best but give an idea of what I am thinking of. This one is an immature Bonaparte's Gull landing in the early morning mist yesterday morning.
  24. Southern Ontario today. The eye ring does not appear to be completely solid behind the eye but I don't think it is a Red-eyed. Does it look OK? Thanks.
  25. It is really drab compared to the other ones around - thanks again.
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