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  1. A very interesting bird for me so I thought the OP deserved a "like" for finding it as well as @akiley for the suspected origins.
  2. Thanks @The Bird Nuts. The tail was essentially the same colour as the rest of the back and the eye-ring was definitely less distinct than normal, so I wondered. I would expect to see Hermit at this location but it didn't look quite typical to me. Another image attached. So a "muted" Hermit to go along with my recent "crisp" Song Sparrow? Thanks again.
  3. Southern Ontario this morning. Not sure about this one - are the tan markings on the wings significant? Thanks.
  4. Thanks @akandula. That makes more sense, I'd forgotten they were this rufous and the breast spot is a bit of a clue.
  5. Southern Ontario. An old one I came across from December, 2016. My first thought was Snow Bunting. Perhaps what looks like a chest spot is the start of the chest band, no brown markings behind the eye, but not sure what else it could be. Thanks.
  6. Ross's Geese - more interesting in the air than on water. These two were inseparable.
  7. Much appreciated @Tony Leukering. I had thought that juvenal was the adjective and juvenile the noun, I stand corrected. Why not stick to these designations, I am very fond of tradition and will try to remember. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks @Tony Leukering, very much appreciated - the bird in the first image just looked quite/very small and the lighting probably didn't help but very few options so no doubt you are correct. Also appreciate the link. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks @The Bird Nuts. For the first one the seemingly small size compared to the adjacent ducks and the lack of an obvious white eye ring had me wondering, but fairly limited options. The second was very, very, very wishful thinking based on the broad dark stripe and adjacent light area of the head (I had been trying to spot a Black Scoter among the Surf and White-winged Scoters for several days and someone dropped by and immediately spotted one - oh well!!). Very much appreciated, as always.
  10. Southern Georgian Bay this morning. I don't think they are anything exciting but not confident as to what they are. Image 1. The one bringing up the rear - it "seems" smaller and appears to have different plumage but possibly a lighting thing. Image 2. The one in the centre - again it may be the lighting. Thanks.
  11. Peregrine Falcon (juvenile) - been trying to capture one on my local walk and finally got lucky a couple of days ago. Fascinating to watch it in action.
  12. Just in case anyone thinks reflections may be involved and maybe a better image.
  13. Lousy photo - heavy crop etc. (excuses, excuses) but the colours of the wire itself kind of complement the bird.
  14. I posted a thank you a couple of hours ago so I must not have pressed "submit". Interesting, it just popped up so it did not disappear - Once again thank you @akandula. PS. My guides say Ruddy Ducks are common but certainly not in this area, only my second sighting, so appreciate the confirmation.
  15. Southern Lake Huron yesterday. The one on the right seemed to be the odd one out among the Scaup, Scoters and Redheads. Appeared smaller and much lighter and if the stripe is not foliage maybe a juvenile or female Ruddy Duck? Thanks.
  16. Thanks @akiley, I very much appreciate the definitive response and "crisp looking" is a good description. I did ID it initially as a Song but the delicate bill, drab appearance and lack of a breast spot had me wondering. Very pleased to put this one to rest.
  17. Reluctant to give up on this one although I suspect the lack of responses suggests agreement with Song Sparrow (rapidly learning how much they vary). Nonetheless, my last throw of the dice is Lincoln's (buffy malar and buffy colour on the sides of the breast, white breast and somewhat distinct eye-ring together with relatively small bill). I rest my case and defer to the experts. Thanks.
  18. Thanks again @akandula. You are doing a great job, particularly the detailed feedback regarding ID characteristics, this is extremely helpful.
  19. South Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) today. Right on cue following the departure of most of the Warblers the Goldeneye, Scaup and Scoters arrived back. Mostly White-winged Scoters but is this one a Surf? The forward patch seems to be more vertical and is the mostly visible bill a clue? Thanks.
  20. Just wanted to say what a great photo. Width of bill (and possibly the head shape) suggest Greater to me, but wait for the more informed.
  21. Yes, my first thought was just another Song Sparrow and initially filed it, but it looked more delicate than the typical Song so started to wonder.
  22. Southern Ontario today. I used the ABA Eastern Sparrows comparison chart and came up with Savannah. Am I close? Thanks.
  23. Thanks Kevin, I will now be able to sleep tonight (but one more subject to research).
  24. Good question. I am seeing a shorter wide typical tail (OK for a blackbird) and then an extension from the middle going down further. Looked at it again and maybe I am seeing part of a branch, but still not sure. It may be one of those things where the first impression sticks in your head. What do you see?
  25. I've been trying to clean up my older bird folders (a losing battle) and came across this photo (not the best quality). I'm not sure what I am looking at here - is this part of moulting or am I misreading the image? I tried to ignore it but I keep going back to it so would be grateful if someone could clear up the mystery (at least to me). Small things!!
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