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  1. Southern Ontario, October 4. I am not going to admit what I initially identified this as, but in the back of my mind I had major doubts. Think I have it right this time. Thanks.
  2. Thanks @akandula. The patches of red on the head and sides had me wondering (but it appears to be an adult bird). Also the distinct spots all the way back to the tail (I could not find any images on the internet showing this, the spots typically fade away half way down the undersides). I guess I tried to over complicate this one.
  3. Southern Ontario, October 4. Observations (or why I can't decide). Glimpsed this bird twice in the same boggy area, foraging on the ground, not where I typically see Hermits. Very secretive, never got a clear view. The photo showing the tail would strongly suggest Hermit and probably the answer, but I also see rufous colouring on the head and elsewhere, so maybe/possibly moulting? I don't see a buffy eye-ring (looks white and fades a little at the front) or cheeks, but others may - colours not a strong point of mine, so I discounted Swainson's. The spots are quite distinct, forming streaks on the throat (Wood Thrush!!) and extending down close to the tail. Looking forward to some assistance with this one. Thanks.
  4. Unreservedly, but I have to think the prize goes to @HamRHead for indubitably (a hint of Sherlock Holmes and his investigatory skills).
  5. Many thanks. When I came back to my desktop my National Geographic guide was open at the page with Tennessee and Orange-crowned, I think I must have decided to regroup. I think Tennessee looks good. I just checked and it is outside the date range so the reviewer can shoot it down if he disagrees. Thanks again.
  6. Southern Ontario, early this morning. My first thought was Philadelphia Vireo (legs look dark but not the feet - lighting maybe?). Second thought was Palm Warbler, but I don't see breast streaking, again maybe lighting. Getting late for both, except weather is co-operating. Any other possibilities? Could not get decent photos. Thanks.
  7. Thanks @egosnell2002. The grey body had me stumped, possibly/probably moving into breeding plumage? Much appreciated.
  8. Two more images but it was pretty distant so not great quality. Definitely larger than the Grebe (surprise!!) but seemed to be about the same size as the Coot. Has to be Gadwall?, flat top of head etc. although I was reaching for Garganey based on size, too grey for Teals? I definitely give up.
  9. As a non-expert I would lean towards an eclipse male with some Redhead/Scaup genes, but wait for more experienced ID. I am not sure there is a 100% pure Mallard left in NA.
  10. Southern Ontario this morning. I can't decide on this duck hanging out with the Grebe and Coot. Early morning light may be a factor, body looks grey but very distinct face markings. Thanks.
  11. Meant to respond sooner and I agree the hook is quite/very subtle. I still have to rely heavily on photos after the fact (my field IDs are still quite limited). I think I sometimes spend as much time at my computer sorting out IDs as I do on the trip. As long as I get a side profile shot of the Vireo I can usually see the hook, otherwise forget it. Still think the blue/dark/black legs and feet are a good start. We had a frosty night on Friday and we went from all kinds of activity to almost nothing!!!
  12. I wondered about this initially and checked but as you would expect from the previous comments here there was no difference between the species, both going well into November. I also did the same as you and did a trial posting and you have to go into the additional species to find Northern and it immediately goes to "rare", presumably just because it is not on the standard list. A great way for eBird posters to get on the "rare" lists routinely, if you are looking for quick fame. I am still getting over the shock from last year, early days for me in the world of eBird, when my posting for a Yellow-rumped on November 1 went into "rare" (one day over the expected time frame). On a positive note this has got me more interested in the humble Turkey Vulture. Before the other thread appeared I did not even know the juvenal/juvenile (adjective/noun?) had a black head. Still no Whatbird Forum, just the main site, on my Android devices - is it just me?
  13. I looked more closely at the postings and it seems that it was a choice (as no additional description was provided for Northern with the posting for verification) until around 2016 when the postings dried up, just a few for Northern afterwards. PS to OP, very nice photo.
  14. I got sucked into the topic. I notice quite a lot of TUVU (North) postings for Ontario on eBird but nothing more recent than a couple of years ago. I also noticed some of them were local and posted by @egosnell2002. He may help clarify, or not. I looked at images for both sub-species to compare and struggled to see a difference.
  15. It appears that the consensus of the non-experts is Nashville. If an expert disagrees please let me know. Thanks to everyone for the input.
  16. Sorry Charlie , I don't understand this fancy talk, I think it must be a compliment. You probably misunderstood me - I was referring to the three correct non Vireo IDs that you got. Could not respond sooner as I can no longer use the forum on my Android devices, just my desktop.
  17. Southern Ontario October 3. I thought it might make a change if some of the non-experts (like me) had a go at this one, maybe between us we can pin it down (I am down to two choices but will hold back for now). This bird is typical of what I come across and this one was especially shy, refusing to give me a clear view. OTOH maybe a bad idea. If no response within a few hours I will be happy for the experts to confirm. Just a thought. @Charlie Spencer. Definitely not a Vireo, but I noticed you are on a roll - three? in a row.......
  18. @Charlie Spencer. This is one of the best tips I received here, TBNs I think, for Vireos and quite often you can also see the hook on the bill.
  19. My initial reaction was Magnolia but I can't see the white wing patch. It will be interesting to see the expert views.
  20. Southern Ontario Oct. 3. The last ID from the other day but not the best photo to do it. I see light grey underparts so does this point to a Yellowthroat or are there other options? Thanks.
  21. Most of my neighbours think I am nuts too (must be the bird thing), but even if you meant over the house rather than on top of that would be a spectacular sight. I occasionally see two or three together, fascinating birds.
  22. Thanks @akandula, especially with the female. My guides show an extended white stripe over the eye (on mine it is bold immediately above, and below, the eye and then quite faint) and a small white square on the wing (on mine it is extended), enough to throw me off and look at other warblers. Thanks again.
  23. Southern Ontario this morning. The first was deep in shade and it was early morning (ISO 51,200) so I brightened the photo up as much as possible. I think it has to be a Black-throated Blue but another first so making sure. The second should be easy you would think with the broken eye ring and the white horizontal side bar but I'm not sure, terrible lighting again. Thanks.
  24. Second image is very nice - I have no idea how approachable they are as I had never heard of them. Fascinating bird - rarely drink water..... https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Phainopepla/overview Worth a quick review for anyone as ignorant about this bird as me.
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