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  1. This looks more like Piping Plover than a Snowy Plover to me. Am I right? January, Bunche Beach, Florida.
  2. Seen at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, January.
  3. Saw in Savannah, GA in January. It was too far away to get a crisp picture, but perhaps has enough detail for an ID. Is it some kind of sparrow?
  4. I saw this at Loxahatchee NWR in Florida in January. Can't see the head because of the angle. Possibilities: juvenile bald eagle, snail kite, others? Thanks!
  5. I saw this crow in late January in Everglades National Park. I've never seen a crow with brown in the feathers. Is this just a routine pigment variation? Thanks for any information!
  6. Saw this on Sanibel Island (Ding Darling NWR) in Florida on February 5th. I think it is a Red-breasted Merganser, but am not sure since it is the first time I have seen one. Could it be a Common Merganser? Thanks for any ideas!
  7. We saw this bird in Balestrand, Norway in June. Could someone tell me what it might be? Thank you!
  8. Seen in January in Fort Myers Florida on Bunche Beach. 1. 2 sandpipers of some kind--semipalmated or least? 2. a plover of some kind (maybe Piping?) Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. I'm always amazed at the knowledge displayed on this site. I think all the evidence points to juvenile red-shouldered and will label it as such in my photo album. Thanks to all for your thoughts and expertise!
  10. Not sure about a Harrier or a Red-shouldered. Another possibility-- an immature Cooper's?
  11. Thanks for the detailed explanation! I assume this is a female or an immature since it has a bit less yellow on the breast than I associate with adult male palm warblers. The angle of the picture means you can't see if there that little bit of rusty cap, but perhaps that cap is seasonal anyway.
  12. Is this a yellow-rumped warbler? Seen in winter in southeastern Florida. Thanks!
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