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  1. This bird was seen yesterday in SW Montana in small pond with some other ducks. I was able to ID then all except this one. It was amongst some Green Wing Teals and Gadwalls. I went through every bird book I have and haven't been able to come up with an ID. My thought then was possible domestic, but was hoping someone could help with a positive ID. Thank you so much.
  2. This pair was seen this week along a shoreline in southwest Montana. I'm thinking the are Willets, but I'm not 100% certain. I also thought maybe a Snipe possibly. I'd appreciate a confirmation from those of you who know your shorebirds better then me!@!
  3. This bird was recently seen on a ranch in southwest Montana (yes we still have snow!) It was a little smaller than a robin, maybe around 7-8". I would appreciate any help on identifying this bird. Thank you so much!
  4. Hello!! Saw this bird today in near some wetlands in southcentral Montana, eating from a Russian Olive bush. I think it might be a Chipping Sparrow but would appriciate some help with a positive ID. Thanks!!
  5. That you psweet! We didn't see any males, although they could have been there. The Rufous were not happy they showed up and chased them off.
  6. This picture was taken this past weekend near Georgetown Lake in SW Montana. We have a couple feeders and a water feature that attract the Rufous hummingbird. But this bird was smaller and there was no rufous on the base of the tail. After looking through my books I was thinking it could be a Caliope, but would appriciate a positive ID. This would be a new bird for me. Thank you all so much!
  7. Ha yes! Female Yellow headed Blackbird. Thank you both.
  8. This bird was seen today near some ponds in SW Montana. I thought at first it was a Western Meadowlark but now I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!
  9. I just went to the Cornell site and they have a good video of a Lincoln's Sparrow singing ,and from what I remember it was very simililar to the bird song I heard. Lincoln's it is! Thank You!
  10. I went through my photos and I think this is the same bird from a different angle. Quality isn't that great. It was singing quite a bit, and at a high level....so I was thinking at the time it would be an adult. Thank you all for your input.
  11. Taken a few days ago at Georgetown Lake in SW Montana. I think it may be a Song Sparrow, but a positive ID would be great! Thank you so much for your help!!
  12. What a great relief to have this site back up and running!! Thank you So So much! I was thinking it was down for the count, and have been looking at other 'bird ID' websites but none had the expertise I could trust as this one. Thank you again!
  13. This picture was taken on the shoreline of a lake in south-central Montana a couple weeks ago. Not a great picture, but we're thinking it could be a femaile red-necked Phalarope. Any help with a positive ID would be appriciated. Thank You! p.s. So glad this forum is back up!!!
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