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  1. Thanks so much everyone! You folks are an absolute treasure - so very helpful & knowledgeable.
  2. Is this possibly a Redhead? Photographed this week on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Thanks for any help! http://www.warrenhatch.net/whatbird/whatbird/photos/_DSF7335.jpg
  3. Thanks akandula & Aveschapines. You've been incredibly helpful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  4. My friend grabbed this shot last evening near Dover, Delaware. It could just be the position of the camera and her approach to the Beebalm, but it looks like her belly is protruding. Can anyone tell me if this is a pregnant Ruby-throated Hummingbird? http://www.warrenhatch.net/whatbird/whatbird/photos/Ruby-throated_RC.jpg Thanks!
  5. Can someone help me ID this guy? Photographed last week near Tucson, AZ. Thanks! http://www.warrenhatch.net/whatbird/whatbird/photos/_DSC2788.jpg
  6. I this a hybrid? if so, any thoughts about what other than Canvasback might be involved? Photographed this week on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Thanks!
  7. Could this be a female Bufflehead? Photographed yesterday in Cambridge, Maryland. Thanks!
  8. I think this may be a Rufous-naped Lark , but would like someone with more expertise to confirm. Photographed last week in Kenya on the Masai Mara. Thanks!
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