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  1. West Wing

    iBird dowload

    Thanks, .........what I have done was request a refund from PayPal as Microsoft will not respond as of 4 days now, and I will buy from elsewhere if it works on a Desktop windows 10, I used to have the Cornell version but since I changed computers and Cornell changed the format I am without, and I hate doing it on a Tablet.urggggg
  2. West Wing

    New to me

    thanks BB
  3. West Wing

    New to me

    That is it, you guys are awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!!
  4. West Wing

    iBird dowload

    BTW it ids for Desktop app windows 10
  5. West Wing

    iBird dowload

    I noticed iBird talk on this forum, so I searched and found it in Microsoft, I paid through PayPal and it was paid for out of my acct. and I CAN NOT FIND app or product key nor dowload site, dealing with Microsoft you keep going around in circles...... any ideas? I did a request through support............
  6. found this guy 10/24/18 in South San Jose Ca, standing on a post in a wide open field in the country..any thoughts?