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  1. It was great this morning 7 Bald eagles - the one pair I would really like to know what they were talking about Goldeneyes, buffleheads, mallards, geese, ringed necked, and back for his 3rd year a hooded merganser which is a rare bird this area
  2. I have a lot of pictures of eagles taking off, but this is my first of one landing
  3. not sure, we have a barrows drake in the river, so????
  4. yesterday He was circling above the river, it was hard to figure out what one to post
  5. First bald eagle picture, there was another before but he was camera phobicDSC_9009.NEF
  6. On the river above Pilar, NM. There is a drake that is behind the splashing water - he was being very aggressive with the other drakes and hens
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