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  1. A couple of Red Tails and then joined by a third
  2. Hawk, along with a turkey vulture
  3. Caught this fellow fishing along the river. He came down and went into a hover and then dove on the fish, No fish were harmed, he missed
  4. Buffleheads and golden eyes
  5. They are hard to get a clean shot
  6. Not a bad day, 2 new ducks for me, male and female ringed-neck ducks and Northern Pintail
  7. I am doing a cull and I ran across this picture. I never really noticed how much bigger a common merganser hen was against a bufflehead hen
  8. Male and female Goldeneyes, Buffleheads, and male and female Mallards
  9. Take off, same bird -different trees, chased him up and down the canyon
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