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  1. Rio Grande Gorge, the south end of the Taos Box
  2. I got this sequence today and I just love the look on the face, and then he turned and surveyed the Rio Grande Gorge
  3. had a good day today as I getting birds on the wing
  4. Still hanging out between the Casino and the Guadalupe Church along with a second
  5. Yep. Up along the river, though that one right above Okay.
  6. Last weekend, the duck wanted to shoot the rapids
  7. last Sunday up on the Rio Grande, the duck just wanted to shoot the rapids
  8. Something is wrong with the right eye of this eagle
  9. Not sure what one, north of Espanola, MN
  10. and I said yes https://peecnature.org/learn/nature-guides/bird-guide/ Mallard
  11. I think he is telling them to move out of his way
  12. Juvenile Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle from today
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