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  1. Thanks! That was my first thought. Don't have to change Ebird. Since the yellow on lower bill only covers part of the bill, is that an indication it is a juvi?
  2. I saw two of these this evening in Cumming, Georgia. (Just north of Atlanta) They were making a fairly soft, high pitch single syllable call. I originally called them as Eastern Wood Pewee, but now I think they may be Willow Flycatchers based n the grey color neck and grey chest band. But, I know I do NOT know flycatchers well, so I know I have a lot to learn and this would be a great place to start! These photos are both the same bird. One in direct sunlight (late evening) and one in shade. Thanks for the help!
  3. Just for clarification, both photos are of the same bird. Thanks!
  4. Cumming, GA - October 28 Confirm female Purple Finch?
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