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  1. Frozen Head State Park, Tennessee 05/11 BirdNET Observation - Cerulean Warbler, mp3
  2. First file might be Broad winged hawk and the second Hooded Warbler? BirdNET Observation - Broad-winged Hawk - 2021-05-08 11-52-01 1620510237316.wav
  3. Phoenix AZ, 01/25 Mallard × Muscovy Duck or Domestic Mallard Black swedish breed?
  4. Thanks! Female Red-winged Backbird got me confused again 😕 and merlin app couldn't identify it.
  5. Hi, is it a Chipping sparrow on first photo and Yellow rumped warbler on 2 other pics ? Brooklyn NY, today
  6. Yeah I think the last one is Veery, thank you!
  7. The first 3 pics might be swainson's and last one I'm not sure, there were about 7 of them in the park today in brooklyn, NY
  8. I have only this photo, Brooklyn, NY 10/27, bird was very shy and moving quickly
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