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  1. I agree with White-breasted Nuthatch
  2. Thank you both! New bird for me, wish I had managed a better shot
  3. sadly that is all I was able to get before it disappeared. I only saw it for a second, was actually surprised I was able to get shots at all, but the general shape and speed seemed unusual compared to the red-tailed hawks I'm used to seeing over this way though admittedly raptors are defiantly not my strength
  4. Taken earlier today in Hauppauge, NY. Spotted several of these birds flying very quickly over a dried up lake. I was never able to get a shot other than in flight. https://www.flickr.com/photos/147141919@N03/albums/72157668509187887 Thanks in advance for all help!
  5. I took these photos about 2 hours ago in Hauppauge, NY. It was only visible for a few seconds so the pictures are not very good, i'm not even sure it can be ID'ed from this, but you guys have amazed me before with less so I'm giving it a shot. All help is very much appreciated! https://www.flickr.com/photos/147141919@N03/albums/72157698421264965
  6. I took this photo about 2 hours ago in Hauppauge NY. I have a few ideas but am not absolutely confident, all help is greatly appreciated! https://www.flickr.com/photos/147141919@N03/albums/72157670549814008
  7. Thirded. Nice shot, wish I could find some owls by me!
  8. I'm also leaning towards northern Mockingbird but like others can't be sure
  9. thanks to you both, that's what I had first thought but the bills just looked so heavy to me, probably just the poor photo quality. thanks for the help
  10. This is a section of a photo I took in Stony Brook NY about 1 week ago. I was photographing some Cormorants and mallards swimming around a large pond. Later when I was going through the pictures I spotted these guys in the background, it's not the clearest I know, I'm referring specifically to the 3 on the shoreline. Any thoughts?
  11. https://www.flickr.com/photos/147141919@N03/albums/72157696589616901 Photos were taken last week in Stony Brook NY. I am terrible with Sparrows, I'm assuming it's a Song Sparrow but just want to be sure. Thanks for the help!
  12. I took these photos about 1 week ago in Stony Brook NY. There were plenty of Yellow Warblers around but almost all had very little color on the wings and distinct streaking on the chest, this one leaves me seeking a second opinion. All help very much appreciated! https://www.flickr.com/photos/147141919@N03/albums/72157670400970988 And also, let me just say, I tried finding other forums like this while this site has been down and they are nothing comparatively, I have missed you all!!!!!!
  13. I have missed you so much! I did not realize just how important this site is to me until it was gone. I have been lost for weeks, checking multiple times per day for your return. Welcome back and thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into keeping this site going!
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