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  1. I got these birds in northern New Jersey last autumn. Can someone help me with the IDs?

    Bird 1: I think it's either a Merlin or a juvenile Peregrine Falcon?



    Bird 2: House Finch?



    Bird 3: there was a flock of them next to a lake, but I am not sure what they are:



    Bird 4: I saw this bird on a coastal beach, next to a parking lot. It kept to the grass and did not fly much.



    Bird 5: female Black-throated Blue Warbler?



    Bird 6: I saw this bird in Cape May. Originally I thought it was a vulture, but the wing pattern seems wrong - maybe an eagle?


    Thank you!

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  2. I have a few more birds from last fall that I wanted to ask for help with. These are all warblers from northern New Jersey, pictures taken in Sept and early Oct 2020. They might be all the same species (Tennessee Warbler?), but I am not certain in my ID:

    Bird 1: Tennessee Warbler? 



    Bird 2: 



    Bird 3:



    Bird 4:



    Bird 5: this one has wingbars of different colors. At first I thought it might be a flycatcher, but it might also be a warbler? 



    Bird 6:



    Thank you!!

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  3. Hi everyone, can someone give me a hand with identifying these birds, which I captured during August and the fall migration season last year in northern New Jersey?


    Bird 1: it kind of looks like a Lincoln's Sparrow, but the bill and shape is wrong. It's sitting on a reed, so I thought it can be a juvenile red-winged blackbird, but the coloring is also wrong for that. I took these two shots on August 1 last year:




    Bird 2: what is the smaller duck here? I took the picture at the end of August. They are in eclipse plumage, so it's hard to tell, but maybe someone can distinguish?


    Same bird, plus another one just like it, in flight (I am including the larger duck (black duck?) for comparison):


    Bird 3: On Oct 5, in Cape May NJ. The throat patch makes it seem like a flicker, but the wing color seems wrong?


    Bird 4: Swainson's Thrush? Taken on Oct 3 last year.



    Thank you!!

  4. I saw this guy yesterday in Catskills, New York. It was sitting about the trail that goes along a freshwater river and a marsh. I am thinking it's either a juvenile red-tailed hawk, or a juvenile red-shouldered hawk, and leaning toward red-tailed. Can someone help me confirm?


    Thank you!


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