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  1. I found this sandpiper yesterday in central New Jersey. It was bigger than other peeps around it. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures, but I think its wings are longer than those of the other peeps. And on the last picture, when it moved its wings apart, I can see white on the rump. Could it be a White-rumped Sandpiper? (Regular in tiny numbers in NJ) Thank you!
  2. Can you confirm if these birds are Western Sandpipers? I went looking for shorebirds in central New Jersey today (Brigantine), and I know that many Westerns were reported there among Semipalmated. Their bills are longer than surrounding Semipalmated, and their legs are dark. But I am unsure if these might be Least Sandpipers with legs covered in mud... Thank you!
  3. I took these pictures today in northern New Jersey. I think it's a Solitary Sandpiper, but wanted to confirm. There were a lot of Yellowlegs around. Thank you!
  4. Could someone help me identify these birds from South Texas? I took these pictures in the last week of April/first week of May. Bird #1 (Corpus Christi, TX): Acadian Flycacther? or Eastern Wood-Pewee? Bird #2 (also Corpus Christi): Another Acadian flycatcher? Bird #3 (same location in Corpus Christi - might be the same bird as #2): Bird #4 (Bishop, TX): with that neckband, it looks like a Bank Swallow, but they don't show up on the list there. There were a lot of Cave Swallows around, but it doesn't look like one of them. Bird #5 (Salineno, TX - near Rio Grande): obviously a juvenile, but I can't place of which species. It doesn't look like a cardinal or a cowbird - I am really curious about this one! Thank you!
  5. I took these pictures in Corpus Christi TX (except for the last one) back in the first week of May. I am not too familiar with Tennessee Warblers, but I think it's all them, male and female - could someone confirm? This last picture is from Santa Ana NWR, same time (first week of May): Thank you!
  6. I got a few birds when I visited Bar Harbor, Maine back in August that I have trouble identifying. Would appreciate any help! Bird #1: looks like a vireo to me, but I am stumped by the wing bar and yellow on the wings. Bird #2: taken on a whale watch trip. Does this look like Leach's Storm-Petrel? The tail looks forked, and the wing bands don't have white on them... Bird #3: taken on the same whale watch trip. I was hoping it's a shearwater, but it doesn't match anything in my guide. Maybe a gull? Thank you!
  7. I saw these guys on a whale-watching trip off Cape Cod at the end of August. Are these Manx Shearwaters by any chance?
  8. Taken back on May 20 in northern New Jersey. Is this a Hermit Thrush? The tail doesn't have red on it though, so maybe something different? Thank you!
  9. I went birding today in Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa, FL. We came across this hawk (I think it's the same bird - we first saw it perched and then lost track of it, and then saw the soaring bird a minute later). Pictures are attached to this post. Is this a short-tailed hawk? It doesn't look like red-shouldered, and I am not sure what else it could be. Thank you!
  10. I took these pictures at Scarborough Marsh in Maine yesterday. They have both Nelson's and Saltmarsh Sparrows here (and hybrids). I am thinking that all of these look like Saltmarsh Sparrows - can someone confirm? Sparrow #1: Sparrow #2: Sparrow #3: Sparrow #4: Sparrow #5: Sparrow #6: Thank you!
  11. That is a great set of comparison photos - thank you!
  12. I just came back from a trip to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. I got a few pictures of thrushes along the way. But they are hard to distinguish - the recent sightings have both Swainson's and Bicknell's thrushes there. Would anyone be able to confirm these? Thursh #1 - around 3,500 feet (Swainson's?) Thursh #2 - same area: Thrush #3 - at around 4,200 feet: Thrush #4 - might be the same bird as #3, but was seen a bit higher: Thank you!
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