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  1. Is this a ferruginous Hawk? Northern California two days ago, I see it almost everyday in the same meadow area. I’m not the best at Hawk identification. Thanks
  2. Today, Northern California in my friends barn. Is this a western screech owl? Thanks
  3. Northern California February 2021, backroads. I thought it was a rough legged Hawk, my friend says it’s a juvenile red tail. Thanks
  4. Today, Northern California, on Lake Almanor, morning and afternoon. A pair. Thank you
  5. Beautiful bird photographed at the feather River yesterday hanging out in the bushes. Lots of these birds around. Northern California. Thank you for the ID
  6. I captured this beautiful hummingbird yesterday at the ranch Northern California, mid day flying around the feeder. He is just amazingly beautiful, haven’t seen one like this here. Thanks for the hummer Id.
  7. Photographed this cute little bird on the coast a few days ago. Point Reyes, Late afternoon fluttering through the trees. I’m guessing a chickadee of some sort. Thank you
  8. This photo was taken in January 2020 on my ranch mid afternoon Northern California thank you
  9. Yes thank you that was my second guess. I saw them around the ranch last year but was never able to get close enough for a nice shot.
  10. Taken yesterday Northern California mid day along the creek on a ranch. At first I thought it was a western kingbird, but I’m not positive. Thanks
  11. These cute little birds have been hanging out in the bottle brush. Yesterday, mid day, Northern California, on a ranch, creek. My first guess is a hooded Oriole? I believe this is a male with black chin and the all yellow female. I think they are a couple. Thank you
  12. Thank you all, yes I agree with the lighting as well, this is only my second year photographing wildlife so I wanted to confirm I wasn’t missing anything. Appreciate you all very much. Stay safe 😷
  13. Can’t seem to find any information on why this wbn has a yellow stomach are these his/hers winter clothing. Photographed in the back forty feb 2020 mid afternoon, Northern California. thank you
  14. Is this a Black-Chinned Hummingbird? Photographed this beauty in my garden Northern California late afternoon a couple of days ago. Thank you.
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