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  1. I photographed this cute little bird last week in Alaska, late morning near a lake. Is this a Lincoln Sparrow? Thank you
  2. Is this a female WT or a young one? Thank you
  3. This cute little bird flew by landed on the shore while I was kayaking. Early this morning at Lake Almanor Northern Ca. Tiny bird, bounced around on the shore line. I’m not that good with my shore birds, I don’t even have a guess? Ok, Plover? Thank you
  4. This little bird I photographed at lake Almanor this early morning, Northern Ca. Is it an orange crowned warbler? Thank you
  5. Photographed this cute little bird early morning, end of July, Northern California at lake Almanor bopping around in the bushes lake side. my guess a female warbler, not sure what kind of warbler. Thank you
  6. This cutie is new to my garden. This early evening he landed on the fence by the blackberries sat watched for a moment then flew off. Northern California ranch, creek nearby. Thank you.
  7. These little birds have been coming out every mid morning at Lake Almanor for the past few days. Northern California, they flutter around and bathe in the dew of the pine trees. So darn cute. My first guess is a Pygmy Nuthatch they do fly upside down and all around. Thanks
  8. Found this bird earlier this year in Northern Cal at the wildlife viewing area. Mid morning. It was on the ground in the bush. Thank you
  9. Northern calif, early afternoon, at the Fore bay last week. Thank you
  10. This bird was shot April 2019 northern cal late afternoon. It looks like a Bushtit but then it doesn’t. Thanks for your help.
  11. Yesterday, Newport Or early evening, coast. Ugh I should know what this little bird is by now. But I don’t. Thanks for the positive ID.
  12. Photographed this bird in Bandon Oregon yesterday early evening in a wildlife refuge. There were several of them not a shy bird. At first I thought it was a sparrow, but now my guess is a thrush of some kind. Maybe a young one. Thanks
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