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  1. I photographed this little bird last week at the Sacramento wildlife refuge mid morning. I labeled him as a tree swallow a friend thinks he’s a purple Martin. Please confirm 🤠 thank you
  2. Thank you all I guess I was hoping it was a Merlin.
  3. Is this a Merlin? Photographed Last week, Northern Cal mid morning, sac wildlife area. Thank you
  4. Thank you all very much, check out my Instagram acct dwitt2945
  5. Photographed this duck last week, Northern California on lake Almanor, late morning.
  6. This is a new bird for me. Photographed him from my kayak today at Lake Almanor Northern California. Jumping around the rocks and bobbing like a rail. Not a shy bird flew right up to me at one point, late morning cold rainy day. Thank you ☺️
  7. This wren was photographed in November at the Point Reyes Seashore area, late morning, Northern Ca. Lots of varieties of wrens. Thank you
  8. I’m getting my little yellow birds confused again. The beak looks like a finch but not positive. Thank for the id. This week, mid morning, Northern California wildlife refuge.
  9. Photographed this little bird yesterday, late afternoon, Northern California on a ranch lots of shrubs near creek. Thank you
  10. Grand Teton Wyoming mountains, yesterday, early evening lake side. Thank you
  11. I photographed this cute little bird last week in Alaska, late morning near a lake. Is this a Lincoln Sparrow? Thank you
  12. Is this a female WT or a young one? Thank you
  13. This cute little bird flew by landed on the shore while I was kayaking. Early this morning at Lake Almanor Northern Ca. Tiny bird, bounced around on the shore line. I’m not that good with my shore birds, I don’t even have a guess? Ok, Plover? Thank you
  14. This little bird I photographed at lake Almanor this early morning, Northern Ca. Is it an orange crowned warbler? Thank you
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