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  1. Late morning, Chester Ca wooded area. At the time I was shooting I thought it was a warbler, now looks like a finch. Thanks for the positive ID.
  2. This little bird is a sparrow or a thrush? Looks like a sparrow but behaves like a thrush. Tail up hopping around on shore line. Photographed today in mountains along Brookside, late morning. Northern California. Thanks
  3. This looks like a sparrow but then it doesn’t. Can you help ID this bird thanks. Today Northern California wildlife refuge mid morning. Thanks
  4. What type of sparrow is this please. Idaho, two weeks ago wooded area. Thank you
  5. Is this a Yellow Rumped Warbler? Wyoming last week wooded area mid afternoon. There were so many of these little birds on my trip and it seems they don’t all look alike buy very similar. Thank you.
  6. Found this guy last week in Wyoming, wooded area grand Teton park area. Mid afternoon. Thanks
  7. Is this a house wren? Idaho Falls a few days ago, wooded shrub area. Thank you
  8. Is this a house wren? Found this bird in Idaho late morning in tree, Scrub area, a few days ago. Thank you
  9. Photographed this gray bird in Idaho a few days ago in the woods, mid afternoon. Thank you
  10. Photographed this beautiful bluebird in Idaho a few days ago out in the woods. Thanks for a complete ID. Mid afternoon.
  11. Found this bird in Jackson Hole Wyoming, today, early afternoon at the Elk Refuge. Thank you
  12. Northern Ca, wildlife refuge, early evening, yesterday. Thank you
  13. Is this an Ash Throated Flycatcher? Today late afternoon, in wooded area my a creek, Northern Ca. Thank you
  14. Today, Early morning, Sacramento wildlife refuge. American Bittern? Thanks
  15. Today, at the Sacramento Wildlife refuge. Early morning, Thank you
  16. This little bird looks like a sparrow, but the plumage is throwing me. Sacramento wildlife refugee. Last week, morning. Thank you
  17. Photographed this little bird today, Northern Ca, mid day, ranch setting lots of oak trees with creek. Thanks
  18. Photographed this little bird today, Northern Ca, mid day, ranch setting lots of oak trees with creek. Thanks my guess male yellow rumped warbler? The white under side and black chest is throwing me.
  19. Here are more photos of the little yellow bird.
  20. Unfortunately all my photos are in the same position .
  21. This photo taken two days ago, early afternoon, Northern Ca. Thanks
  22. This photo was taken last week, mid morning Northern California. Thanks.
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