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  1. My guess is this little guy is a sparrow, if so what kind of sparrow? Thanks, photographed today near creek early afternoon, Northern California.
  2. Just wanted to get a positive ID on my photo from today. Is this the Hermit Thrush? Male or female not sure? Early afternoon creek side. Northern California. Thanks
  3. Yes yes yes of course ugh I should have known this one. Thanks
  4. This looks like a female sparrow but then it doesn’t. Thanks for the ID. Today early afternoon, northern Ca.
  5. Is this a blue Heron or a grey Heron ? Thanks, rice field late morning Northern California
  6. Saw this bird yesterday late morning in the rice field. Looks like a Great Egret but smaller with yellow feet. Durham California. Thanks
  7. Today in Durham Ca at the wildlife refuge mid morning.
  8. Photographed this bird today, woodland Ca. Early evening, in a tree canal close by. ThNk you
  9. Wow thank you, so excited to photograph all these new birds. Dwitt2945 instagram acct
  10. Hello, female bluebird? Female robin? Thanks
  11. This looks like a typical black bird but the white shoulder is throwing me. Butte valley Ca, ranch, near creek today late afternoon. Sounds like a duck.
  12. Is this a yellow throated Warbler, butte valley Ca, early afternoon today near creek. Thank you
  13. Wow a hermit thrush new to me. Thank you. Was in Butte valley ca
  14. This is not a great shot, but photographed this bird today on my ranch, it does not look familiar to me so I want to keep an eye out for it and get a better shot, Was near the creek. Thanks
  15. Yes of course, there are two of them hanging around. I have lots of hawks at the ranch want to ID them correctly, thanks for the confirmation.
  16. Northern Ca, few days ago, lives around the ranch mid day.
  17. Photographed this bird in Akumal Mexico last week near ocean.
  18. This bird I photographed in Akumal Mexico last week. Near the ocean.
  19. This beautiful hawk has been hanging around my horse ranch, tree photo early afternoon, a day or two ago. Saw him today in back forty he sits high on tree top. Can’t wait to get a sharper photo. He sat quiet for these pics taken from the truck window. I think it’s a male?
  20. Northern cal. Yesterday mid morning, in tree, near creek.
  21. Northern cal bird. This bird is very small, Lots of them flying around later afternoon in my backyard hanging upside down and every which way in the trees. Near a creek. A few days ago.
  22. Photographed this bird in Northern Cal. Late morning, a few days ago out on a country road.
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