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  1. Shot this beautiful guy a couple of days ago in the northern Ca rice fields late morning. I would guess a young red tailed hawk, but the white head and light eye is throwing me. Thank you
  2. Kinglet? What is the name of this bird? Photographed today mid afternoon at the wildlife area. Northern Ca.
  3. Please help identify this falcon? Photographed today in Chico Ca. In an open field, late afternoon. Thanks
  4. Photographed this blue bird mid morning a couple of weeks ago in Northern Ca. Wildlife area near water and orchard.
  5. So many bluebirds to choose from. Photographed this little bb On my northern calif ranch, this afternoon at around 2:30pm under a tree they were eating the berries near the creek.
  6. Northern California a few days ago in a wildlife area lots of water around mid day.
  7. Photographed this little owl today on the side of the road in Northern Ca. He lives in the drain pipe and will come out to warm when the sun is shining was about 4pm.
  8. Photographed this little bird today in Northern Ca at llano seco wildlife area. He was in the tall brown grass surrounded by water. Around 3pm.
  9. Wow, my first kingfisher that would have been my guess I should have went for it!! Isn’t she cute? Does she have a variety name?
  10. Saw this little guy mid morning in Northern Ca today close to the Llano Seco wildlife area. When he flew off he would flutter in the same spot for several seconds. I don’t even have a guess what he is.
  11. This photo was taken in Northern California at a wildlife perserve about 9am just a few days ago. I think it’s a Northern Harrier. Thank you
  12. I think this might be a Red shouldered hawk, it flys around my Northern Ca ranch, I took this photo a few days ago mid morning. Thank you
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