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  1. guy_incognito

    Confirm prairie falcon

    Agree, always a fun bird.
  2. Agree with leucistic Common Loon. Those very first photos that came out a while back were intriguing for a Yellow-billed, but as you may remember, Guy McCaskie and Curtis Marantz both saw the bird and concluded it was a Common Loon.
  3. guy_incognito


    Thanks. I wasn't able to find a way to sneak out from work until the 3rd afternoon, so there was a relatively small group of about 20 people for much of the time. The first couple days had a lot more, and I suspect tomorrow will be busy, since it will be the first weekend day available.
  4. Best guess for #4 is female White-necked Jacobin
  5. guy_incognito


    This was my first ABA lifer in over a year. I didn't have a single ABA lifer in all of 2018! Red-flanked Bluetail by mattag2002, on Flickr
  6. Looks like a Sparkling Violetear. Flycatcher might be a Wood-Pewee?
  7. Yellow-bellied Seedeater Female tanager, pretty sure it's a White-lined Tanager Black Phoebe
  8. Agree with Squirrel Cuckoo.
  9. Talamanca Hummingbird is a relatively common bird at Poas. I'm sure you see that it is not flagged in eBird as rare, whereas Rivoli's shouldn't even be listed as a rare option.
  10. I believe it is a Talamanca Hummingbird (previously known as Magnificent Hummingbird).
  11. guy_incognito

    What type of flycather

    Doesn't look like a Hammond's too me. PP too short. Would like to see more photos with different views of the head and bill before trying to decide between Gray and Dusky. If you noticed tail movement it would be diagnostic...
  12. guy_incognito

    Help ID bird

    Agree with Orange-crowned
  13. guy_incognito

    Arizona Birds

    Both hummingbirds are Costa's. Agree with Say's Phoebe and Hermit Thrush.
  14. guy_incognito

    Unknown bird on artwork

    Any clues on the envelope that would point to a certain part of the world? I would agree that the overall shape and pattern is like a European Robin. Colors are certainly wrong, but a lot of bird artwork often takes extensive artistic license on actual birds, or just completely creates an original bird.