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  1. Liam, what about Acadian Flycatcher? I'm seeing a longer bill and longer primary projection.
  2. The Merlin app has birds of Europe, although I don't know if the coverage of birds in Romania and Hungary might be incomplete?
  3. Not a Brown-capped Vireo. Date and location may help, as well as any other photos. Right now I'm leaning towards Mistletoe Tyrannulet, though.
  4. Likes fine for a Morelet's Seedeater (new name after White-collared Seedeater split).
  5. correction, meant to say "are NOT nearly" I miss the ability to edit posts for more than 5 minutes.
  6. What is North America seems to vary on geopolitical bases. As for birders, and specifically at this forum, I think we treat NA basically as the ABA area. I am perfectly fine with this forum being anything not in the ABA. I think it would be much better to place birds from Mexico and Costa Rica in this forum. There really aren't that many of those posts, so I don't think that Costa Rica posts are swamping out the rest, at least certainly not to the same degree that the Costa Rica posts would surely be swamped out of the main identification forum. Given that many of the US based birders are nearly as familiar with birds outside the ABA, it can take a while to get a response to a non-ABA post, and by that point the post would no longer be one the first page and may never be seen. Whereas on this page, you'll see that the first page of this forum still goes back to mid February, so certainly CR isn't swamping out all other posts.
  7. I'd go with Tropical Pewee. I believe that both Eastern and Western Wood-Pewee are possible there, but the primary projection looks rather short and I think it has paler lores, both of which favor Tropical Pewee.
  8. Blue-headed Vireo is quite rare in Costa Rica. Also, the photos really don't look like a vireo for multiple reasons. Just a quick FYI - Paltry Tyrannulet is now known as Mistletoe Tyrannulet in Costa Rica. I believe both photos 1 and 3 are Yellow-olive Flycatchers. Mistletoe Tyrannulet should show a more prominent pale lore and supercilium, and the bill is stubbier. I'm not gonna hazard a guess on #2!
  9. Agree that both are Stout-billed. Here are a couple comparison photos I took from the Antisana area. Stout-billed Cinclodes by mattgrube, on Flickr Chestnut-winged Cinclodes by mattgrube, on Flickr
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