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  1. Tough to be sure, but I'd guess it is young cormorant flying head on.
  2. I think it is a Black-headed Trogon. The other option would be Gartered Trogon, but I believe Gartered should have fine barring on the wing coverts, which I am not seeing on this bird.
  3. Agree, only swallow in range with those angry eyebrows
  4. Greater Kiskadee. Lesser doesn't occur in Belize.
  5. Given location is California, I think it is safe to call a Willow. Sure, you probably can't 100% rule out Alder, but probably can 99.9% rule it out!
  6. Agree with Golden-browed Warbler. Perhaps one of my favorite warblers in Mexico (trailing just behind Pink-headed Warbler and Red Warbler).
  7. I'd say that both #1 and #2 are Eastern Wood-Pewee. They both seem to have very long primary projections. On #2, it looks like there are the smudgy undertail coverts. Agree the bill appears dark on #1, but that may be a photo artifact, and I'd trust the structural appearance over that detail. Agree with Veery for #3.
  8. Liam, what about Acadian Flycatcher? I'm seeing a longer bill and longer primary projection.
  9. The Merlin app has birds of Europe, although I don't know if the coverage of birds in Romania and Hungary might be incomplete?
  10. Not a Brown-capped Vireo. Date and location may help, as well as any other photos. Right now I'm leaning towards Mistletoe Tyrannulet, though.
  11. Likes fine for a Morelet's Seedeater (new name after White-collared Seedeater split).
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