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  1. Looks like a Sparkling Violetear. Flycatcher might be a Wood-Pewee?
  2. Yellow-bellied Seedeater Female tanager, pretty sure it's a White-lined Tanager Black Phoebe
  3. Talamanca Hummingbird is a relatively common bird at Poas. I'm sure you see that it is not flagged in eBird as rare, whereas Rivoli's shouldn't even be listed as a rare option.
  4. I believe it is a Talamanca Hummingbird (previously known as Magnificent Hummingbird).
  5. Doesn't look like a Hammond's too me. PP too short. Would like to see more photos with different views of the head and bill before trying to decide between Gray and Dusky. If you noticed tail movement it would be diagnostic...
  6. Both hummingbirds are Costa's. Agree with Say's Phoebe and Hermit Thrush.
  7. Any clues on the envelope that would point to a certain part of the world? I would agree that the overall shape and pattern is like a European Robin. Colors are certainly wrong, but a lot of bird artwork often takes extensive artistic license on actual birds, or just completely creates an original bird.
  8. #1,2 - I believe both Green-crowned Brilliant #3 - Doesn't look like a Mango to me. Not sure the photo is good enough to ID with confidence, but it may be a Stripe-tailed Hummingbird #4 - Stripe-tailed Hummingbird #5 - Green-crowned Brilliant and Stripe-tailed Hummingbird #6 - Green-crowned Brilliant #7 - Undoubtedly a Violet Sabrewing
  9. Eastern Bluebird has never been recorded in California, but it is certainly on our short list for next first state record (especially with Oregon just getting their first state record).
  10. I suspect it is a young male Black Scoter because of the yellowish knob on the bill.
  11. Did you get to see male Tufted Coquettes? I'd love to see one of those.
  12. First is mostly a guess for Copper-rumped Hummingbird. Second I'm pretty sure is a female type Tufted Coquette.
  13. Any other photos? Looks like a Myiarchus, but I don't think I can tell which one it is from the photo. Per eBird range maps, Dusky-capped is only on Trinidad and not Tobago. Venezuelan is Tobago and not Trinidad. Brown-crested is on both. The angle of the photo is tough to see the true size of the bill. I don't see any obvious rufous edging on the tail or wings (but the primaries are mostly hidden).
  14. First looks like a female type Euphonia. Per eBird, the two possible Euphonias would be Violaceous and Trinidad Euphonia, with Violaceous being decidedly more common. I believe the second is a Speckled Tanager.
  15. Agree with Scaly-headed Parrot. Blue-headed Pionus is just a different name for Blue-headed Parrot. As Fancy said, we can rule that out by range and by appearance.
  16. Tough one! Not too sure you'll be able to get a confident ID. Another guess could be an Ochre-bellied Flycatcher.
  17. Would you mind explaining how you can tell female Painted Bunting from a first year male? It's not easy, so any explanations would be helpful.
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