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  1. I took this shot today in Hilton Head SC in a forest area. I think it is either a Swainson's or Hermit Thrush, but just can't be sure. Tried to attach different sides/poses. These thrushes drive me crazy! If anyone can help ID, I would appreciate it! Thanks so much.
  2. I took this photo today in Hilton Head Island, SC, where we have many migrants moving through. I think this is an Eastern Wood Pewee, but not 100% sure. Photos are not the greatest but I think ok for ID. Any help you can give is appreciated. M.A.
  3. Thanks - it stayed in the same place for a while, so it was an easy shot!
  4. Thanks - That was my first pick - I knew it wasn't a Swainson's! THANKS
  5. Can anyone confirm this is a Veery? It looked big for a Veery, but I don't think it's a Swaninson's Thrush - any other ideas?
  6. Hilton Head Island, SC 2 days ago- It is a common tern I believe - thanks for taking a look.
  7. I believe this is either a Common or Forsters Tern, but cannot tell the difference... Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Now that I look closer, I agree it is a prairie warbler which are arriving here now - thanks! M.A.
  9. I can't decide if this is an orange-crowned warbler or maybe even a pine warbler - Photo taken today on Hilton Head Island. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. I'm not sure how to put a "tracker" on, but I reported him to Ebird...
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