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  1. Hilton Head Island, SC 2 days ago- It is a common tern I believe - thanks for taking a look.
  2. I believe this is either a Common or Forsters Tern, but cannot tell the difference... Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Now that I look closer, I agree it is a prairie warbler which are arriving here now - thanks! M.A.
  4. I can't decide if this is an orange-crowned warbler or maybe even a pine warbler - Photo taken today on Hilton Head Island. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. I'm not sure how to put a "tracker" on, but I reported him to Ebird...
  6. Benjamin - he was so funny - almost crazy!! That is exactly what he was doing... Thanks
  7. Thanks so much - that's what I was leaning towards. Occasionally one has been spotted but I have been here 20 years and never seen one and I am active birder and photographer. This is better than finding the Bald Eagle today sitting on the beach! THANKS!
  8. Good evening - I took this shot today of what I think might be a Reddish Egret. I live on Hilton Head Island, SC and these are not common birds in our area. He exhibited the behavior of a REEG - jumping around, running, chasing the other Snowy Egrets, flapping his wings, etc. At first I thought it might be a Great Blue Heron juvie, but the coloring is all wrong and they are usually pretty sedate. Also, I am very familiar with GBHE. This guy hopped around for a good hour nonstop... Can anyone confirm or ID, please?
  9. I answered my own question after figuring out the other bird in the photo was a green heron! Thanks for adding your confirmation.
  10. That's what was stumping me - I have never seen them this little in the nest. Definitely GRHE - you can see the older ones (on the right) in the nest that have started to change color...
  11. I think I have answered my own question now - I looked up Green Heron chicks and these most resemble that. Kind of grayish, brown as chicks before they start turning colors. Does anyone agree with that?
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