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  1. Maybe black-backed gull? or Heermann's gull (very rare) Taken today 8/1922, Hilton Head Island SC - Thanks so much!!
  2. Thanks to everyone for confirming this is a Pine Warbler. I really appreciate this community when I get stumped!
  3. Peromyscus - are you asking me? - I am 99.9% this is Pine Warbler and not a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but wanted others opinions... Thanks!
  4. I'm so sorry - I meant Pine Warbler - I think this definitely a Pine Warbler, but a friend says - Ruby-crowned Kinglet - which is definitely not!
  5. Thanks so much to both of you!! I am so glad you were able to ID even with the bad shot... THANKS!
  6. Can anyone help me ID this bird which I believe is a sparrow of some sort. I took the image today 11/2/21, on Hilton Head Island SC. Any help is appreciated. The pictures are TERRIBLE, so I can see why you would have a hard time ID'ing. THANKS, M.A.
  7. Thanks Bird Nut - I was leaning toward RS, but I just couldn't determine...
  8. I first thought this was a red-shouldered hawk, but now am not so sure. I don't see any red on wings. Then went to Broad-winged, but just don't know enough to decide... I got good shots from all sides. Tail seems long for a RSHA as well. Any help you can give is appreciated. Images taken today on Hilton Head Island, 9/30/21. Thanks!
  9. I think this is a Chipping Sparrow but can't decide - sparrows are not in my skillset! Taken today - 9/28/21 - Hilton Head Island SC Any help is appreciated!
  10. I didn't even think of that, but definitely could be... lots of painted buntings around, too! Thanks, so much!!
  11. I am just not sure what bird this is... Taken today (9/28/21) in Hilton Head Island SC. Any help is much appreciated!
  12. I took this shot today in Hilton Head SC in a forest area. I think it is either a Swainson's or Hermit Thrush, but just can't be sure. Tried to attach different sides/poses. These thrushes drive me crazy! If anyone can help ID, I would appreciate it! Thanks so much.
  13. I took this photo today in Hilton Head Island, SC, where we have many migrants moving through. I think this is an Eastern Wood Pewee, but not 100% sure. Photos are not the greatest but I think ok for ID. Any help you can give is appreciated. M.A.
  14. Thanks - it stayed in the same place for a while, so it was an easy shot!
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