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  1. I'm not sure how to put a "tracker" on, but I reported him to Ebird...
  2. Benjamin - he was so funny - almost crazy!! That is exactly what he was doing... Thanks
  3. Thanks so much - that's what I was leaning towards. Occasionally one has been spotted but I have been here 20 years and never seen one and I am active birder and photographer. This is better than finding the Bald Eagle today sitting on the beach! THANKS!
  4. Good evening - I took this shot today of what I think might be a Reddish Egret. I live on Hilton Head Island, SC and these are not common birds in our area. He exhibited the behavior of a REEG - jumping around, running, chasing the other Snowy Egrets, flapping his wings, etc. At first I thought it might be a Great Blue Heron juvie, but the coloring is all wrong and they are usually pretty sedate. Also, I am very familiar with GBHE. This guy hopped around for a good hour nonstop... Can anyone confirm or ID, please?
  5. I answered my own question after figuring out the other bird in the photo was a green heron! Thanks for adding your confirmation.
  6. That's what was stumping me - I have never seen them this little in the nest. Definitely GRHE - you can see the older ones (on the right) in the nest that have started to change color...
  7. I think I have answered my own question now - I looked up Green Heron chicks and these most resemble that. Kind of grayish, brown as chicks before they start turning colors. Does anyone agree with that?
  8. See my post above... We have a large rookery of great egrets - maybe 80 nests and no Great Egret chicks look like this one. Umm - I'm still stumped!
  9. All of the Great Heron chicks I have seen are (almost) pure white - no dark feathers at all. There is clearly a dark chick off to the right. I also ruled out Great Blue Heron because of where the nest is located - very low to the water and deep in bush. Great Blues nest high up and usually have huge nests. This nest is tucked deep into the bush and sits just above the water line. I am still undecided but maybe even thought a Cattle Egret. They have those thick, short bills, but just don't know for sure. Blue Herons also are born pure white and then morph into blue. Thanks very much for your responses.
  10. I am having a difficult time id'ing this chick. It seems that it is born dark and is turning lighter. No adult anywhere around, but at least 2 or 3 chicks in nest. If you look on left side of image, there appears to be a darker bird in frame. Taken on Hilton Head Island SC today. Thanks for any help you can give.
  11. Thanks Connor - it just looked so much bigger than the "normal" downy. It could be the angle of the shot and/or lighting, etc. Appreciate your response.
  12. It is hard sometimes for me to differentiate between the Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers. This was noticeably larger than the Downy and also the bill seems very long. I just can't tell, so if anyone could help, I would appreciate it! Thanks, M.A.
  13. Thanks Benjamin - this one so stumped me, but I think a pine warbler fledgling could fit the bill!
  14. I shot this bird today on Hilton Head Island, SC. I know it is a juvenile/fledgling but cannot figure out what it is. Can anyone help? It could be a Pine Warbler but just can't decide... Thanks for your help
  15. Thanks Tony - turned out I was right by leaning towards a Veery!
  16. Thanks so much. I always get confused with the Thrushes - they are so alike.
  17. I took a shot of this bird yesterday in Hilton Head Island, SC. I think it could either be a Veery or Bicknell' thrush, but can't determine. For me, thrushes are the hardest to ID because they all look so similar. The bird did not have the pronounced eye-ring of the hermit so I ruled that out. Also, did not hear it sing so that doesn't help. Can anyone confirm what this bird is. I have included 4 photos for ID which can help with ID. Thanks so much. Mary Alice
  18. Good evening - today I was in Sea Pines and this larger bird flew in past me and sat on a low-lying branch. At first I thought it was a Great Crested Flycatcher, but ruled that out right away. Then started looking at other possibly flycatchers and ruled most of them out as well. Then I started comparing the Ash-throated Flycatcher to my shots and this most closely resembled the bird I saw with a long tail. Coloring is right - everything is right, but it would be extremely rare because its area is the Western U.S. The bird did make a chirping noise and listened to call when I got home and just couldn't guess from that. My books say very rare fall and winter visitor to the East. Does anyone have any thoughts or can help me ID? Got good shots from all sides and profiles to help in ID'ing... Thanks M.A. HHI
  19. Thanks so much. I believe you are correct after looking closer! M.A.
  20. I need help id'ing this bird. Not sure if it is an orange-crowned warbler or female Black-throated Blue Warbler. Some believe it is an orange-crowned warbler, but I think it is a Black-throated Blue Warbler. Any help is appreciated! Oh can't figure how to submit directly into post! It only allows an insert from URL and I just want to submit the JPEG file. Ummmm, I'll try to figure it out!
  21. This bird (or birds??) has me stumped. Mourning and Connecticut warbler would be rare for Hilton Head Island SC. Doesn't look like a COYE either. Can anyone help ID? Have some other photos as well. Thanks so much. Sometimes ID'g these warblers are maddening!! Mary Alice
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