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  1. Thanks, Ham - These warblers are so confusing for me. Look so much alike!
  2. I think I was observing a Cape May Warbler and a Blackpoll Warbler today, both bathing in the same area. How can I tell which bird is which when they are wet? I'm not sure if these shots are the same bird. This is maddening... Thanks, Mary Alice
  3. I can't tell if these are the same bird or different birds. I believe one is a Blackpoll that I shot yesterday and the other one is a Cape May?? I am confused! Both taking a bath in a creek and I thought they were the same bird. Thanks for any help
  4. This bird was taking a bath today. Need help on ID - possibly a Cape May or juvenile of some sort? Looks like the Blackpoll I got yesterday... Thanks for any help. Mary Alice
  5. Ebird Alert posted for Beaufort County, SC where I live, so I guess they agreed on a Blackpoll as well! Yeah! M.A.
  6. Blackburnian - that is what I am hearing from my birding friends. It was a life bird for me! Next year I'll start looking in October
  7. Jabird - thanks so much for your kind comments. I saw some beautiful Kiskadee's on a recent trip to Mexico . Can't imagine them being in Ontario. So pretty! M.A.
  8. Thanks, Creeker. Anything's possible. It will be interesting to see what Ebird does...
  9. Bird Nuts and Creeker - thanks. But it would be VERY VERY rare on Hilton Head Island... no possibility of anything else? I reported to Ebird, but haven't heard anythng from them... I hope it is a Blackpoll - that would be great! M.A.
  10. Hi. I believe this to be a Blackpoll Warbler which would be extremely rare in Hilton Head Island SC. Found today and from all markings, the only other bird would be immature Bay-breasted Warbler Tried to provide images from all sides - Thanks so much, M.A.
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