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  1. After you look at this one-go to my website ( https://www.housleyphoto.com/photos-2/ ) and look around. I decided yo do a website and a photo aggregator. It is not too hard but unless one wants to dive deeper, it is moderately limited in action and accessibility. After my move I'm going to get started updating again. The website is a show off place, not a retail site, unless you want it to be ;-) ) No one buys photos of nature anymore if they ever did., at least not mine. I sold a framed photo from my wall 4 weeks ago to an employee (for the cost of the frame) to clear out my house for our move. They can be had larger and much better at Walmart.
  2. The cardinal taking off is a quirky favorite of mine. Last posts from my trip.
  3. From last few days as I was traveling and difficult to process and upload.
  4. Last is of course a Bird of Paradise. Sorry, a little. My Bad... I have better of the honey creeper at https://www.housleyphoto.com/photos-2/files/page3-1007-full.html and https://www.housleyphoto.com/styled/photos-9/files/page13-1003-full.html but you takes what you gets... Ill remove if it offends... By the way I love the Euphonia, Townsend's Warbler,
  5. First birds in a while (8 months). Been trying to get a decent Bird I for a long time. Decent finally. My Vanity Website, birds and all. Not a retail site.
  6. An Angry bird. Fluffed up Green Heron. To be my avatar.
  7. Great Frigatebirds, Males in breeding dIsplay. Great distinguished from Magnificent by green on back. Galápagos.
  8. A few birds from the way south. Go along with egg thief earlier. Antarctic Terns
  9. I apologize that these are not recent, if that is an issue, but I now mostly photograph on eco-trips. Since I then get a passel of pix then I'd submit 20 in 4 days and that would be worse. Here are some blue-footed boobies from the Galápagos: Oh, bored?? look at my website to be updated tomorrow. The second photo is on the front page: https://www.housleyphoto.com
  10. South Polar Skua robbing the nest of a Gentoo penguin on the Antarctic Peninsula, December 2016. He flew a few yards away and devoured the egg. The Gentoo is peculiarly useless in protecting the nest. Squawking seems their major defense. If both parents are around the Skua usually fails. Nest placement is very important in passing on your genes. The Skua is sometimes seen in the Mid pacific so it is listed in iBird. Keep your eye out, the last frame may end up in iBird.
  11. Violet Sabrewing Hummingbird, Monteverde Costa Rica Feb. 3, 2019. ed: Little unsharp since I downsized the file and its shown>100%.
  12. All I got was this direct on, silhouetted in Lake Arenal area. Do you agree it is a Clay-colored thrush or am I completely off base here? edited: ^^exposure,^saturation, definition and vibrancy. sharpened . Just as an aside might it not help to edit some of these really dark images by increasing the exposure before posting. Just saying. Or are the helping hands downloading themselves and fiddling with the image?? george ed: Thanks in advance.
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