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  1. Corcovado National Park Pacific side of peninsula. Mid-late afternoon. Feb 1, Deep in the rain forest. Howlers and Black-throated Trogons all about. Of course pardon the image at ISO 2500 f7.1 1/20 sec +0.67 400 mm. The image has been brightened a bit, sharpened with increased micro contrast and saturation although I believe the colors are close to accurate with greenish head and grey brown back and prominent yellow. Thank you in advance. Half the time I'm overlooking something obvious, today?
  2. Thank you. In looking further you appear correct. Second time I just have not looked far afield enough. My saffron finch was the first submitted to the iBird app and is still there. This one will be submitted as well. george
  3. Out of back window just south of Volcanoes NP. Yellow fronted Canaries (adult typical) were around but this guy/gal has me flummoxed.
  4. Middle one is very likely a Hawaii amikihi. Yellow down curved beak, more grey back.
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