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  1. Is this wren a Bewick's? It seemed the right size. The song was more of a cheep-cheep, so is this a fledgling? I'm not good with wrens or with IDing age... have a really bad photo of the sound if that helps, thanks! Seen today in Mountain View CA MVI_5478.mp4
  2. This was the only one of its species in a local seasonal creek (San Francisco CA), hanging out with 4 male mallards. I initially overlooked it as a female mallard but the size and shape didn't seem right. I've never seen a gadwall up close but online searches seem to fit. Thank you!
  3. Not the best photos of this one, seen yesterday in San Francisco, CA. Rocky and wooded urban park. I'm not very good with flycatchers - perhaps Western Wood Pewee? The last photo is even worse, and I'm also not certain it's even the same bird (first one left my view and then this one appeared nearby a few minutes later) ... thank you!
  4. This one might be a bit boring - is this a domestic/mallard hybrid, or something along those lines? It was noticeably larger/more aggressive than the surrounding mallards (pictured), with a darker/less shiny plumage, a paler bill, and a speckled breast. In a small man-made pond in San Francisco in May. Thank you! (You'll also notice a large crazy-looking Muscovy Duck which I assume is also domestic.)
  5. I think it's a downy woodpecker due to small size and relative bill size? Taken in April near Santa Cruz CA. Thanks!
  6. Photographed this small bird yesterday near Santa Cruz, CA. It kept leaving to grab insects mid-air and returning to the same perch (like a phoebe) but otherwise it looked unfamiliar. Is it some kind of flycatcher? Thanks for your help!
  7. Looking through binoculars I was pretty sure this was an osprey, but it seemed like an odd sighting for the urban area I was in and some local birders said it wasn't likely - can we confirm based on these poor quality photos? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing! What a cute bird. I took this photo long before I was "officially" into birding, but seeing this guy on a wire was something I couldn't ignore. I guess I've always had the hobby 🙂
  9. i think most of these are laughing gulls, but a few of the bigger ones were unidentifiable to me. any tips appreciated - thank you!
  10. Can anyone ID these birds? Not the clearest photos. I think they are all terns, photographed in Delaware in October. There are 3 different birds, may or may not be the same species. Thanks! 1) 2) 3)
  11. More old photos... this one is from Delaware in October. I know very little about shorebirds. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Seen in Zion National Park in March - Common Merganser? Thank you!
  13. Thank you! That makes this my 100th recorded species on eBird... just a few more to go 🙂
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