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  1. Thanks for sharing! What a cute bird. I took this photo long before I was "officially" into birding, but seeing this guy on a wire was something I couldn't ignore. I guess I've always had the hobby 🙂
  2. i think most of these are laughing gulls, but a few of the bigger ones were unidentifiable to me. any tips appreciated - thank you!
  3. Can anyone ID these birds? Not the clearest photos. I think they are all terns, photographed in Delaware in October. There are 3 different birds, may or may not be the same species. Thanks! 1) 2) 3)
  4. More old photos... this one is from Delaware in October. I know very little about shorebirds. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Seen in Zion National Park in March - Common Merganser? Thank you!
  6. Thank you! That makes this my 100th recorded species on eBird... just a few more to go 🙂
  7. pretty sure this is some kind of wren. seen at sacramento wildlife refuge in december - is there enough to ID it? the habitat makes me want to say marsh wren - thank you! 🙂
  8. That's it! I checked eBird and it looks like they're definitely present in Thailand and throughout SE Asia. Adorable bird... thanks!
  9. traveling in december and saw this hawk in ann arbor MI - eating prey in an urban area. is it an accipiter? perhaps a juvenile redtail? thank you!
  10. is it possible to ID these cormorants? february in pacfica CA (extra points if you can ID the gulls too!) thank you!
  11. seen on koh samui in march - is some species of barbet? thank you!
  12. taken in december in san francisco (not the same bird) - i am thinking i have 2 white-breasted nuthatches and 1 red-breasted nuthatch (with the eye line). they were all extremely quick and furtive and thus difficult to photograph. thank you!
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