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  1. more old unidentified pics 🙂 apologies for the image quality as these were taken from a car and at quite a distance. are these northern pintail and/or american wigeons? or something else entirely? photos from december near bolinas, ca. thanks for everyone's help so far - i am learning a lot here!
  2. there seem to be so many greenish/yellow birds around me that are different (kinglets, vireos, warblers) but this one had a different build/beak than i usually see. it was still quite small but bigger than a kinglet. could it be a lesser goldfinch (female)? i see we have them around this area but i don't ever usually see them in this patch, so i wanted to doublecheck. taken in february in san francisco. thanks!
  3. photo 1: i think this is a young western grebe but i would like to confirm - never seen one in this sort of "adolescent" phase before? there were no adult grebes in the vicinity. taken this week (Feb 2019) in san francisco ca. photo 2: same day on the same lake, is this a female ruddy duck? i think this one is also fairly easy but i only got this distant photo thank you!
  4. Thank you! Glad to know I'm not the only one a little stumped. Feel free to share this elsewhere if it helps get a good ID 🙂 I am leaning toward RTH due to the belly band but I would love to be proven wrong 🙂 I don't know if I've seen a hybrid that I knew of so that would be very cool!!
  5. Thanks! I wish I had another angle too. After running up that trunk it flew away pretty quickly. Was a very skittish bird, I think we both startled each other 🙂
  6. Since you've all been so helpful! am going to keep on posting here as I go through old photos I never ID'ed!! This was taken in last June in Marin County, CA. Does the belly band make this an obvious red-tailed hawk? I am a bit thrown off by the face and tail, but it could just be my wishful thinking 🙂 I don't remember whether I saw it fly but this is the only pic I got.
  7. Images 1 &2 spotted in early Feb in San Francisco. it's a weird angle but it's the best i got! i usually see hairy & downy woodpeckers around here (and some flickers) but this seemed to be too big for the former and too black & white for the latter. could it be nuttalls? any insight? thank you!
  8. I agree first is juvenile RTH. Second is definitely a wren but can't nail down species.
  9. thanks all! i think you are right about the common loon given the head shape and coloration. i think that makes this my first!
  10. thank you! it had some tan coloration on the neck, don't think i got a good look at the head.
  11. ah yes sorry should have mentioned that... san francisco in january. thank you!!
  12. thank you!! this is a bird i see pretty often near me. relieved to have an ID and some good tips for next time 🙂
  13. at first i thought it was a song sparrow but the behavior in the low underbrush and the bill shape make me think maybe some thrush? probably a sparrow but wanted to check since i'm something of a beginner. thanks!
  14. spotted with a bunch of canada geese in san francisco in february foraging on a sports field. my best guesses are ross's & greater white-fronted? i believe there are 2 different species here. any tips?
  15. spotted fishing off the coast of bolinas, ca in december
  16. i think this is definitely a peregrine. the coloration of the feathers & feet, the pattern around the eyes and neck, and the shape of the head and bill. they specialize in hunting birds and aren't as rare as they used to be (but this is still a very cool encounter!!)
  17. i am pretty sure these are red shouldered hawks but the really long tail and red eyes had me wondering if they could be accipiters. spotted in the san francisco bay area in february 2019.
  18. Seen in San Francisco CA in late October in a large park pond with numerous mallards, americans coots, and pied-billed grebes but this appeared to be the only one of this species in the large group. Is this a female or juvenile diving duck of some kind? Perhaps lesser scaup? Thank you in advance!
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