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  1. Took my Sibley to work and went through every page. Think I found the new bird in the back yard. And now there are 2 of them. It is possibly the California Gnatcatcher. Still can't get a photo of them. If you have the book. page 338, bottom of the page, Although my guy has a full black head, but that was the closet I could find. Also have another small bird with a long tail, all brown. He flicks his tail a lot. Think its a Wren.
  2. HI DougK. I did not know they hate owls. We get owls now and again but only at night. Crows are sleeping. Had a rat in the garage, sure enough an owl hung out on the wire till it came out. As fast as the rat was it had no chance up against the owl. Thanks for the info
  3. What can you tell me about Crows. I find them fascinating! Have seen them gang up on a Coopers hawk, have conventions and even had one come to the back yard to die. I give them peanuts. They seem to like old donuts too. I put crunchy peanut butter on old bread for them. I've been told not to feed them or they will peck my eyes out. I'm trying to teach them sign language. (no I'm not on any head meds!)
  4. Thank you, thank you! May be the Oregon. Black head with grey body. Was a no show last evening. Few birds due to a peske hawk (perigon?) Not a coopers this guy is smaller and very agile. Can swoop down and even tried to grab a dove that was under the BBQ. (feathers everywhere). Comes out of nowhere. Got so close to my dog that the top of her hair moved. (Bichon with a pom pom hair do). My squirt gun is at the ready but i'm too slow. Back yard is long and narrow. Have moved feeders so there is no room for it to grab one on the feeders. But he waits till one is on the move (walking) then bam.
  5. I'm in Southern CA, near Pasadena. There is a "wash" behind us so no house behind us for a good 100 feet. Large trees all around. Will try to take a photo. We have a pretty tall hedge all along the back fence. I see smaller birds go in their to sleep. Thanks for your reply.
  6. A small bird has appeared in my back yard. It has a totally black head with a grey body. It's very small, a grounder. A bit larger than a Hummer but smaller than a Sparrow. I will try to take a photo tonight. I see it only in the evening.
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