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  1. East Central Alabama - Yesterday 3/24/23 Several photos of what I believe are a Purple Finch and a House Finch, as well as a femaile Purple Finch. Confirm?
  2. East Central Alabama on March 15, 2023 Haven't seen many Purple Finches here in a couple of years. So now we have a few birds mixed in with the House Finches and they are a richer, darker color and no streaking on the breast. I have not yet seen any female Purple Finches, so maybe I'm wishful thinking?
  3. Thanks! I have seen a lot of YRWs here but this one seemed different.
  4. Happy New Year Birders! I need a little help identifying this bird. I think it's a Palm Warbler, but it doesn't have much yellow on it and the head does not look brown. Your help is appreciated! East Central Alabama, yesterday 2-6-2023
  5. Taken Saturday May 14, 2022 in Alabama. Saw this bird for just a second and was lucky to get one photo. On my camera the color looks much more yellow, but when I downloaded the photo, it's a bit different. It looked yellow "in person" as well. Any idea what this is? At first I thought a Pine Warbler, but the beak is all wrong for that. Female Indigo Bunting? Female Scarlet Tanager?
  6. Thanks! I hope he will come back and give me another shot at pics.
  7. Taken in Alabama, yesterday May 1, 2022. A terrible shot at best. Movement and bad lighting. Sounded like a Red-eyed Vireo, but couldn't see the dark eye lines to be sure. If so, it's a lifer for me. If not, any suggestions?
  8. Taken in Alabama today. Indigo Buntings and Blue Grosbeaks have both been here in my yard the past couple of weeks. I have only seen a couple of females and they looked the same. I assumed female Indigo Buntings because they showed up with the male Indigo Buntings. But I could never see their breast color to know for sure and the beaks look a little large to be Buntings.
  9. Thanks! The first bird looks smaller than a catbird, but otherwise does indeed look like one. The very pale chest looks white in the pics, but they are not good photos, so..... I was thinking the second bird might be a summer tanager? We have had blue grosbeaks come through here but I have not seen an indigo bunting yet. We normally get them here, so it's a good possibility. ?
  10. Taken yesterday in Alabama. Please excuse poor photo quality as these were taken in poor light and shade. Both look familiar, but can't figure it out. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I knew it looked familiar, but was unsure because it was small and was with some other sparrows. I didn't see any others like it, not even a male blackbird.
  12. Taken yesterday in Alabama. Or it is even a sparrow? I thought this was either a Savannah Sparrow or a Song Sparrow, but after looking at so many photos, I just do not know what it is. It is very heavily streaked on chest and belly. Completely stumped on this one. Wagged it's tail like Phoebes and Cardinals do.
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