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  1. Lee County, Alabama 3/30/2024 Seen yesterday on a pole in my yard. Bad photo as sun was going down and in my face. I have not seen one of these before that I can recall. Can someone confirm Breaodwing Hawk? Or identify for me? Thanks in advance.
  2. East Central Alabama - Yesterday 3/24/23 Several photos of what I believe are a Purple Finch and a House Finch, as well as a femaile Purple Finch. Confirm?
  3. East Central Alabama on March 15, 2023 Haven't seen many Purple Finches here in a couple of years. So now we have a few birds mixed in with the House Finches and they are a richer, darker color and no streaking on the breast. I have not yet seen any female Purple Finches, so maybe I'm wishful thinking?
  4. Thanks! I have seen a lot of YRWs here but this one seemed different.
  5. Happy New Year Birders! I need a little help identifying this bird. I think it's a Palm Warbler, but it doesn't have much yellow on it and the head does not look brown. Your help is appreciated! East Central Alabama, yesterday 2-6-2023
  6. Taken Saturday May 14, 2022 in Alabama. Saw this bird for just a second and was lucky to get one photo. On my camera the color looks much more yellow, but when I downloaded the photo, it's a bit different. It looked yellow "in person" as well. Any idea what this is? At first I thought a Pine Warbler, but the beak is all wrong for that. Female Indigo Bunting? Female Scarlet Tanager?
  7. Thanks! I hope he will come back and give me another shot at pics.
  8. Taken in Alabama, yesterday May 1, 2022. A terrible shot at best. Movement and bad lighting. Sounded like a Red-eyed Vireo, but couldn't see the dark eye lines to be sure. If so, it's a lifer for me. If not, any suggestions?
  9. Taken in Alabama today. Indigo Buntings and Blue Grosbeaks have both been here in my yard the past couple of weeks. I have only seen a couple of females and they looked the same. I assumed female Indigo Buntings because they showed up with the male Indigo Buntings. But I could never see their breast color to know for sure and the beaks look a little large to be Buntings.
  10. Thanks! The first bird looks smaller than a catbird, but otherwise does indeed look like one. The very pale chest looks white in the pics, but they are not good photos, so..... I was thinking the second bird might be a summer tanager? We have had blue grosbeaks come through here but I have not seen an indigo bunting yet. We normally get them here, so it's a good possibility. ?
  11. Taken yesterday in Alabama. Please excuse poor photo quality as these were taken in poor light and shade. Both look familiar, but can't figure it out. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I knew it looked familiar, but was unsure because it was small and was with some other sparrows. I didn't see any others like it, not even a male blackbird.
  13. Taken yesterday in Alabama. Or it is even a sparrow? I thought this was either a Savannah Sparrow or a Song Sparrow, but after looking at so many photos, I just do not know what it is. It is very heavily streaked on chest and belly. Completely stumped on this one. Wagged it's tail like Phoebes and Cardinals do.
  14. Thanks! I had seen a male house sparrow in that general area but just didn't put two and two together. LOL!
  15. Taken in Alabama today. These birds look so familiar but I can recall what they are. Please help ID them for me. Thanks in advance!
  16. Taken in Alabama yesterday. Was very high in the sky. Surprised that I got a photo at all. Please help identify. Thanks!
  17. In Alabama, taken today. This hawk has been hanging around my yard for several weeks. I finally got a few pics of it, even though they are in the shade. Please help identify. Thanks in advance!
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