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  1. Taken Saturday May 14, 2022 in Alabama.

    Saw this bird for just a second and was lucky to get one photo.  On my camera the color looks much more yellow, but when I downloaded the photo, it's a bit different.  It looked yellow "in person" as well.   Any idea what this is?  At first I thought a Pine Warbler, but the beak is all wrong for that.  Female Indigo Bunting?  Female Scarlet Tanager?


  2. Thanks!  The first bird looks smaller than a catbird, but otherwise does indeed look like one.   The very pale chest looks white in the pics, but they are not good photos, so.....

    I was thinking the second bird might be a summer tanager?  We have had blue grosbeaks come through here but I have not seen an indigo bunting yet.  We normally get them here, so it's a good possibility.  ?

  3. Taken yesterday in Alabama.

    Or it is even a sparrow?  I thought this was either a Savannah Sparrow or a Song Sparrow, but after looking at so many photos, I just do not know what it is.  

    It is very heavily streaked on chest and belly.  Completely stumped on this one.

    Wagged it's tail like Phoebes and Cardinals do.  







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