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  1. Taken Saturday May 14, 2022 in Alabama.

    Saw this bird for just a second and was lucky to get one photo.  On my camera the color looks much more yellow, but when I downloaded the photo, it's a bit different.  It looked yellow "in person" as well.   Any idea what this is?  At first I thought a Pine Warbler, but the beak is all wrong for that.  Female Indigo Bunting?  Female Scarlet Tanager?


  2. Thanks!  The first bird looks smaller than a catbird, but otherwise does indeed look like one.   The very pale chest looks white in the pics, but they are not good photos, so.....

    I was thinking the second bird might be a summer tanager?  We have had blue grosbeaks come through here but I have not seen an indigo bunting yet.  We normally get them here, so it's a good possibility.  ?

  3. Taken yesterday in Alabama.

    Or it is even a sparrow?  I thought this was either a Savannah Sparrow or a Song Sparrow, but after looking at so many photos, I just do not know what it is.  

    It is very heavily streaked on chest and belly.  Completely stumped on this one.

    Wagged it's tail like Phoebes and Cardinals do.  







  4. Yes, he was making little twitter like sounds.  I was sitting on my porch and saw him at the tree line first, and then he flew to a dwarf evergreen next to the porch.  I stayed where I was until he flew to the side yard.  I saw him first the day before and he did pretty much the same thing, except I was standing on the porch instead of sitting on the porch swing.  As far as being annoyed by my presence, I really didn't do anything to bother him.  I was still except for snapping pics.  

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