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  1. Not familiar with that name, so I guess not. ?
  2. That's cool! Wonder if I know the one in PC? Phenix City. No "o" in it. History says the person who named the town wanted it to be different than the mythological bird, but the bird is on lots of signs and things here. Can you PM me the name of your friend? I'm curious. ?
  3. Thanks Bird Brain! I'm right across from Columbus ,GA across the Chattahoochee River. About as far east you can go in AL.
  4. Saw this Ruby-crowned Kinglet from a distance and could actually see his ruby crown. Then he flew really close to where I was standing. I have taken many photos of these birds, but have never seen the crown, until today. So exciting! Just had to share.
  5. I think you may be right. Thanks!
  6. Seems too yellow to be an Orange Crowned Warbler. Yellow Warbler maybe?
  7. I have photographed a confirmed Rusty Blackbird a few years ago. The photo was taken from a distance. I have also seen a small flock of them in my yard but didn't have my camera to get a photo. They basically looked alike. Today I saw one and then a few minutes later it was joined by another that was more colorful and had lots of marking. Sharing pics of both. Could the other be a female Red-winged Blackbird? IMG_6792 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr IMG_6759 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr
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